Teamplace – Free 10GB for Your Files and Unlimited Storage for File Sharing with Your Teams.


Free 10GB for Your Files and Unlimited Storage for File Sharing with Your Teams.

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Teamplace is your place for collaboration, teamwork and file sharing. Every of your shared projects has unlimited cloud storage for free for 90 days.

Share your files, photos, images and collaborate with your friends, family or colleagues.
Teamwork and collaborate with others by using the features designed with teamwork in mind: File comments, strict file versioning and activity streams.

Moreover, you have access to free 10 GB cloud storage for your personal files too.

Share your vacation images or work together on creative projects – without ever worrying about limited amounts of cloud storage. Teamplace stands for unlimited collaboration for teams.

The Teamplace app offers a range of productivity and teamwork features to make your day far easier. More information can be found at:

• Unlimited file sharing and cloud storage with as many contacts as you want and endless cloud storage per Teamplace.

• Teamwork and collaboration: Add comments to your files like photos or Office documents and interact with your team members.

• Retain full control over your data, as all your shared files are automatically deleted after 30 days – unless you choose to keep them. Your free, personal 10 GB cloud storage remains.

• View your pictures, play your audio or video files from wherever you are. Teamplace lets you access all your teams content without any hassle.

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