Silver Alarm Clock Widget – Diamond Silver Alarm Clock Widget

Silver Alarm Clock Widget

Diamond Silver Alarm Clock Widget

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Silver Diamond Clock

A great little widget that can also be your bed clock, alarm clock, or just a regular widget on your phone.

-Six Customized Analog Clocks
-Digital Clock
-Customized Second Hands
-Quick Snooze
-Bed Clock

How To Use:
Tap on the home screen, select widgets, select appropriate clock.
You can tap once on the clock to go to the menu. Press the giant clock to select a dial of your choice. Press the ‘Quick Snooze’ to activate a small timer that goes up to sixty minutes (great for naps!) If you hit the menu button on your phone (once on the widget menu), you will find that you can add an alarm or you can select the bed clock and have it at your side as you sleep.

There are three options to the alarm.
– Regular ‘hit-dismiss’ option.
– Math Option, which means a math problem will appear and you have to solve it before you deactivate the alarm (just to make sure you wake up). Nothing to wake you up like addition or subtraction.
– Puzzle Option, which means you have to solve an easy puzzle to dismiss the alarm (for heavy sleepers).

Download apk file: