Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar – Noded – Organize Better, Faster. Get In, Get Out, Get on with Your Life

Noded: Smart Timeline Calendar

Noded – Organize Better, Faster. Get In, Get Out, Get on with Your Life

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Noded is the first Smart Timeline Calendar.

Noded is a hybrid note taker, planner, and timeline-calendar app devoted to speed. Noded exists in spite of Google Calendar and Evernote. Noded has multilingual support and empowers customers through productivity speed, ease-of-use, and a unique approach to organization – The Timeline Node Stream.

Unlike Google Calendar and Evernote, Noded doesn’t want anything from you; it simply wants to empower you. Noded exists to empower you. Organize Better, Faster with Noded – Just Node It.
What makes Noded unique is its focus on speed and its opinionated approach toward organizing.

1) You create Nodes (notes/todos/ideas/lists/whatever)
2) Noded organizes your Nodes into your Timeline Node Stream
3) That’s it – Noded helps you “Get In, Get Out, and Get on with Your Life”.

* Keyboard Auto-launch (instant text or voice input)
* Timeline Node Stream (don’t bounce around a calendar, see everything at once)
* Double Tap Smart Save (get in, get out, get on with your life)
* Time-Tag Slider (super simple and blazing fast time tagging)
* Friendly Dates (“Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This Friday”, etc.)
* Fully Customizable Colors (theme Noded to match your style)
* Smart Edit & Multi-Delete (simple and fast Timeline Node Stream updates)
* Multi-Language Support (English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, more to come)

Noded – Organize Better, Faster – Just Node It.

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Timer Timer Free – Multi Timer – Timer Timer Free – Simpler Smarter Timers for Free

Timer Timer Free - Multi Timer

Timer Timer Free – Simpler Smarter Timers for Free

Timer Timer Free - Multi Timer screenshot 0Timer Timer Free - Multi Timer screenshot 1Timer Timer Free - Multi Timer screenshot 2Timer Timer Free - Multi Timer screenshot 3

Simpler Smarter Timers for Free.

Something Better:
Timer applications out there are more complex than they need to be, requiring too many touches and swipes. They lack attention to detail and a beautiful aesthetic. I set out to create something better. Something that is both simple and functional. Something that is enhanced through a smart and clean design. Something intuitive with practical style. That something is Timer Timer.

Why it’s Better:
What makes Timer Timer better than the rest of the crowd is its interface design and attention to detail. There are two interfaces: Play and Edit, and each embody an All-in-One intuitive design. This helps you get up and running faster, saving and making edits smarter, and all with less touches and swipes.

Core Features:
All-in-One easy to use interfaces
Smart auto-savable edits
Run multiple timers simultaneously
Alarm sounds from your music
Reusable and nickname-able timers
Works on phones and tablets
Super simple add/remove system

Attention to Detail:
Minimal user interaction with maximum output
Time digit emphasis (zeros less prominent)
Long press to change time rapidly
Vibration feedback on interaction
UI positioning to prevent accidental touch
Applied color theory to enhance UI
Designed around human visual perception

The permissions are so the app can access your music for setting the timer alarm sounds, wake up the phone from sleep mode so you can turn off the timer alarm, and access the Internet to get performance stats for future update improvements.


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