CBien – L’inventaire facile – Easy and secure management of personal assets

CBien - L'inventaire facile

Easy and secure management of personal assets

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How much is your TV or your watch? It’s easy with the CBien application on Android. You just bought a camera, a sofa? Secure it in 5 seconds. Your house burned or you are a victim of theft, no problem, you have all your evidence at hand.

~~ Features ~~
Organize and access all of your belongings from your Android Smartphone all
Record up to 50 free goods when registering
Enjoy the barcode reader for automatic logging of the name and the characteristics of your property
Get a real-time estimate of the market value of your property
Manage your assets and facilitate your administrative procedures in case of disaster

~~ And find more services on CBien.com ~~
Send your inventory easily to your insurer
Be alerted before the deadline for completion guarantee your belongings
Renegotiate your insurance guaranteeing your assets at fair value
Prepare your move …

~~ Become a Premium Member and go further in the CBien experience for only € 1.90 / month ~~
Do no limit, manage up to 2000 and 2000 property records
Save as many homes / box you want

We are listening to our users to change our service, please give us your feedback by emailing us at: support@cbien.mail.helpshift.com

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/kD4fJn