Centrallo – Notes Lists Share – Organize your life. Stay on track. Add checklists, notes, lists, photos & share

Centrallo – Notes Lists Share

Organize your life. Stay on track. Add checklists, notes, lists, photos & share

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Centrallo – Share Notes, Lists and more…

Catch everything life throws at you with Centrallo. Perfect for organizing all of life’s little details, Centrallo is an elegantly simple organization tool perfect for anyone juggling life’s details around work deadlines, family life, and everything in between. Create checklists, notes and lists, share them privately or post publicly, and create lists within lists to achieve ultimate productivity. Capture the buzz of a single day, keeping your brain open for thinking, not remembering.

With Centrallo, you can:

— Add notes, lists, photos, links and checklists into one, central location to organize and prioritize at your convenience
— Prioritize what’s most important and set due dates to stay on track
— Collaborate on projects with anyone, anywehre, across any device
— Create list hierarchies to keep everything in order
— Store photos, videos, voice notes and links
— Quickly forward items to your free Centrallo email address
— Centralize everything in one place
— Drag and drop for simple navigation

Whether you’re planning a business trip, a family getaway, a wedding or simply making a grocery list, Centrallo’s got you covered. Check out these other features Centrallo users love:

— Synchronizes in real-time across devices, ensuring no detail falls through the cracks
— Password protection keeps life’s most sensitive information secure
— Free to download and available on all devices
— A streamlined, user-friendly interface makes navigation effortless
— Easily delete, check, star or share with a quick swipe
— Anyone that receives a shared list can add and edit, taking collaboration to new heights
— Quickly retrieve notes and lists with the search feature
— Stay focused and productive by moving tasks to the “Priorities” tab
— Create to-do lists
— Keep voice notes handy and organized


Centrallo is free to download and use. With Centrallo Premium, achieve optimum organization with
additional cloud storage and unlimited notes. Centrallo offers two convenient auto-renew options:

Monthly — $4.99 USD per month;
Annual — $49.99 USD per year.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically every month or year (depending on subscription) unless it’s cancelled 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. You may not cancel an active subscription.

Catch everything life throws at you with Centrallo. Try it for free today!

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/7DfgHM


Installer Toolkit – Faster, more efficient installations.

Installer Toolkit

Faster, more efficient installations.

Installer Toolkit screenshot 0Installer Toolkit screenshot 1Installer Toolkit screenshot 2Installer Toolkit screenshot 3Installer Toolkit screenshot 4Installer Toolkit screenshot 5Installer Toolkit screenshot 6Installer Toolkit screenshot 7Installer Toolkit screenshot 8Installer Toolkit screenshot 9

Install with confidence. The Enphase Installer Toolkit gives you the information you need to
verify a proper installation on-site, giving you the freedom to leave the job site knowing the installation was successful.

Use the Enphase Installer Toolkit to completely configure an Enphase System with your Android device:

– Connect to the Envoy Communications Gateway over a wireless network for faster system setup and verification

– View and email a system status summary report to confirm a successful Enphase System installation

– Pair the Enphase Installer Toolkit with a bluetooth-enable scanner to build array layouts, scan microinverter serial numbers and sync the information with Enlighten monitoring software (requires a Socket Mobile CHS series Apple Certified Bluetooth scanner).

Detail information: https://goo.gl/nznpjG

Financeiro Mobile – Control the financial part of your "DataDivas" software via Android;

Financeiro Mobile

Control the financial part of your "DataDivas" software via Android;

Financeiro Mobile screenshot 0Financeiro Mobile screenshot 1Financeiro Mobile screenshot 2Financeiro Mobile screenshot 3Financeiro Mobile screenshot 4Financeiro Mobile screenshot 5

– Mobile Application integrated with “DataDivas” software, allowing easy access to queries and reports. For better control over your property …

– The Mobile Financial is composed of the following points:

 • Goods Sold;
 • Vendias pizzas (in case of “Pizza”);
 • Canceled Items;
 • Movement of the Day;
 • Movement of the Month;
 • stock;

– Financial control of your establishment in the palm of your hand, simple and fast.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/UNFcFZ

Алло Инфо – Исполнитель – "Hello Info" – a mobile application for the taxi drivers.

Алло Инфо - Исполнитель

"Hello Info" – a mobile application for the taxi drivers.

Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 0Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 1Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 2Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 3Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 4Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 5Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 6

“Hello Info” – a modern mobile application for the taxi drivers. It allows you to receive incoming orders in real time.

Download the mobile app “AlloInfo – Artist”, open temporary registration and start earning!
Seven advantages of working with “Hello Info”:
1. Automatic optimal allocation of orders:
– Install a handy range of orders reception. Maximum range 1500;
– Orders are distributed automatically, the program gives preference to the nearest car.
2. “empty” running minimum
The program selects the closest driver to order, saving time at the entrance to the client and money on fuel.
3. Full details of the order. More information about the passenger:
4. In the event of a threat to your life, health or property, you can press the alarm button in the program and you will arrive next drivers or the police outfit.
5. FREE hour information support for the work program and other issues.
6. Regular updating of the program taking into account the wishes and comments of the drivers.
7. Wide range of selectable orders possibilities in selected parking section gives you the opportunity to pick up a client “on the way”.

We draw the attention of drivers: the customer gives consent to the processing of their personal data provided to the Company. The company, in turn, is obliged to take all necessary measures to protect the data received from the customer in accordance with the law.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/ZhVxUb

PosFalco il punto cassa – App to manage your restaurant, pizzeria, bars, beaches

PosFalco il punto cassa

App to manage your restaurant, pizzeria, bars, beaches

PosFalco il punto cassa screenshot 0PosFalco il punto cassa screenshot 1

Tested on Asus 7 “1280×800 normal font size
————————————————– —————————-
This application allows you to take the orders at the table or at the counter, print them and make the bill as a pre-receipts, tax receipt, etc.
E ‘can import your own menu, you can set up a list of favorite buttons at the counter, very handy for the bars.
There is a test database,
try it and read the guide, for info and costs
contact address info@falcopos.it

N.B not need any computer or docking station
ecr Protocol compatible:

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/qGoYAO

CBien – L’inventaire facile – Easy and secure management of personal assets

CBien - L'inventaire facile

Easy and secure management of personal assets

CBien - L'inventaire facile screenshot 0CBien - L'inventaire facile screenshot 1CBien - L'inventaire facile screenshot 2CBien - L'inventaire facile screenshot 3CBien - L'inventaire facile screenshot 4

How much is your TV or your watch? It’s easy with the CBien application on Android. You just bought a camera, a sofa? Secure it in 5 seconds. Your house burned or you are a victim of theft, no problem, you have all your evidence at hand.

~~ Features ~~
Organize and access all of your belongings from your Android Smartphone all
Record up to 50 free goods when registering
Enjoy the barcode reader for automatic logging of the name and the characteristics of your property
Get a real-time estimate of the market value of your property
Manage your assets and facilitate your administrative procedures in case of disaster

~~ And find more services on CBien.com ~~
Send your inventory easily to your insurer
Be alerted before the deadline for completion guarantee your belongings
Renegotiate your insurance guaranteeing your assets at fair value
Prepare your move …

~~ Become a Premium Member and go further in the CBien experience for only € 1.90 / month ~~
Do no limit, manage up to 2000 and 2000 property records
Save as many homes / box you want

We are listening to our users to change our service, please give us your feedback by emailing us at: support@cbien.mail.helpshift.com

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/kD4fJn