Teamplace – Free 10GB for Your Files and Unlimited Storage for File Sharing with Your Teams.


Free 10GB for Your Files and Unlimited Storage for File Sharing with Your Teams.

Teamplace screenshot 0Teamplace screenshot 1Teamplace screenshot 2Teamplace screenshot 3Teamplace screenshot 4Teamplace screenshot 5Teamplace screenshot 6Teamplace screenshot 7Teamplace screenshot 8Teamplace screenshot 9Teamplace screenshot 10Teamplace screenshot 11Teamplace screenshot 12Teamplace screenshot 13Teamplace screenshot 14

Teamplace is your place for collaboration, teamwork and file sharing. Every of your shared projects has unlimited cloud storage for free for 90 days.

Share your files, photos, images and collaborate with your friends, family or colleagues.
Teamwork and collaborate with others by using the features designed with teamwork in mind: File comments, strict file versioning and activity streams.

Moreover, you have access to free 10 GB cloud storage for your personal files too.

Share your vacation images or work together on creative projects – without ever worrying about limited amounts of cloud storage. Teamplace stands for unlimited collaboration for teams.

The Teamplace app offers a range of productivity and teamwork features to make your day far easier. More information can be found at:

• Unlimited file sharing and cloud storage with as many contacts as you want and endless cloud storage per Teamplace.

• Teamwork and collaboration: Add comments to your files like photos or Office documents and interact with your team members.

• Retain full control over your data, as all your shared files are automatically deleted after 30 days – unless you choose to keep them. Your free, personal 10 GB cloud storage remains.

• View your pictures, play your audio or video files from wherever you are. Teamplace lets you access all your teams content without any hassle.

Further links:
Try the Teamplace web app at

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barcode stock quick finder – app to manage small stock items location with barcodes scanner ean 8/13

barcode stock quick finder

app to manage small stock items location with barcodes scanner ean 8/13

barcode stock quick finder screenshot 0barcode stock quick finder screenshot 1barcode stock quick finder screenshot 2barcode stock quick finder screenshot 3barcode stock quick finder screenshot 4barcode stock quick finder screenshot 5barcode stock quick finder screenshot 6barcode stock quick finder screenshot 7

Simple app to manage stock location with barcodes scanner
ean 8/13

stock management,
inventory (mail or bluetooth csv export)
maintain stock (in / out) movements,
search item location.

Inventory management for vehicle stocks, various maintenance services, repairman’s stock spare parts (home appliances…)

Feel free to contact:

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BIZBOX mobile – BIZBOX mobile real-time communication with your members and your organization anytime, anywhere!

BIZBOX mobile

BIZBOX mobile real-time communication with your members and your organization anytime, anywhere!

BIZBOX mobile screenshot 0BIZBOX mobile screenshot 1

The smartest mobile groupware, BIZBOX mobile has been updated to version 1.5.
BIZBOX mobile became smarter, check out now.

Major updates BIZBOX mobile Ver 1.5
Message function: the form of a conversation between a group or individual applied and intuitive UI, history management is enabled communication easier.
Organization Function: Select the organization behind the top of the UI has been changed to the form, a recent addition to the Contacts tab and enhanced ease of retrieval.
Calendar features: real-time groupware and calendar functions that work just as easily have been added to the schedule outside management.

* Version 1.5 update is saved on your smartphone, all notes and reset the downloaded file.

For more updated information about the ‘New Features’ tab, check available.
– Buying advice: 1544-9605
– Support: 1544-9625

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Sevenminds – Mobile Forms – Mobile Data Capture Solution to Enhance Decision-Making and Workforce Management

Sevenminds - Mobile Forms

Mobile Data Capture Solution to Enhance Decision-Making and Workforce Management

Sevenminds - Mobile Forms screenshot 0Sevenminds - Mobile Forms screenshot 1Sevenminds - Mobile Forms screenshot 2Sevenminds - Mobile Forms screenshot 3Sevenminds - Mobile Forms screenshot 4

Sevenminds is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for data capture through mobile devices or PCs, customizable for the Use within companies from multiple Sectors That need to Efficiently and Cost-Effectively capture information from different field locations.The automate solution the data capture, information consolidation, reporting and consulting Processes, using high quality real-time graphs and performance indicators for a wide range of Activities, Enhancing decision-making Within the organization by Providing better and up to date information

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Construct App IO – Construct helps companies synchronize construction site data and communication

Construct App IO

Construct helps companies synchronize construction site data and communication

Construct App IO screenshot 0Construct App IO screenshot 1Construct App IO screenshot 2Construct App IO screenshot 3Construct App IO screenshot 4Construct App IO screenshot 5Construct App IO screenshot 6Construct App IO screenshot 7

Real-time communication and access to the most up to date project information makes Construct a better way to manage mobile teams. Synchronizing teams in the office and field has never been easier.

– See what is happening on the jobsite anytime and anywhere
– Notifications help teams in the field get the answers they need faster
– Document every field decision or project update with pictures, voice, and text notes
– Close and reopen items to monitor quality
– Comments help your team remove dependencies before they happen
– Pin questions or problems above the project’s most up to date plans
– Create beautifully formatted reports in one click

Say goodbye to piles of paper, redundant emails, and whatsapp groups. Increase productivity with Construct.

*Free to download and use for a limited time!

Access our web app at

Have questions, comments or feedback? Contact us at

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DsoftMobile – Força de vendas – This app is a service channel for customers of D'Soft Solutions

DsoftMobile - Força de vendas

This app is a service channel for customers of D'Soft Solutions

DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 0DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 1DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 2DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 3DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 4DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 5DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 6DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 7DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 8DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 9DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 10DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 11DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 12DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 13DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 14DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 15DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 16DsoftMobile - Força de vendas screenshot 17

DsoftMobile is a sales force application that has the query functionality of products, customers, and historical prices, issuing orders, order services and check list of vehicles.

It allows the issuance of orders and order services with the option to generate a check list of vehicles and shoot impression if you are connected to a local WiFi network on tablet and smartphone using the data received by the rear manager without the need for internet connection (offline ).

the application is free and supports only customers of the company d’soft Solutions.
check out the website:

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Omnipos – comande management Omnipos cash


comande management Omnipos cash

Omnipos screenshot 0Omnipos screenshot 1Omnipos screenshot 2Omnipos screenshot 3Omnipos screenshot 4Omnipos screenshot 5Omnipos screenshot 6Omnipos screenshot 7Omnipos screenshot 8Omnipos screenshot 9Omnipos screenshot 10

The management of the restaurant in the palm of a hand.

The APP order management is the ideal tool to allow the restaurant staff to properly handle all the management time and optimize communication with the productive areas.

Some of the APP features:

Search Engine: The APP contains a useful search engine that lets you find the food demands quickly and easily.

Letter indicators: Integrated into the search engine, enable faster consulting the menu.

confirmation / reminder kitchen keys: With these keys, you can manage more smoothly the incoming flow plates directly from the tables.

Interactive menu dishes: Each dish will be displayed on the APP with his description and his photography.

Virtual / stylus Keypad: Allows you to write down any changes required to the ordered dishes. To satisfy the most demanding customers also.

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MXwarehouse – Program for the management of inventory, which is connected with the management Mexal.


Program for the management of inventory, which is connected with the management Mexal.

MXwarehouse screenshot 0MXwarehouse screenshot 1MXwarehouse screenshot 2MXwarehouse screenshot 3MXwarehouse screenshot 4

MXwarehouse is a program for inventory management that connects with the management Passepartout Mexal.
For the operation of the program is therefore necessary to have installed MXwarehouse server on the computer on which you installed Mexal.
To download a demo version of MXwarehouse server go to:
For information on management Passepartout Mexal go to:
You advised a reader barcode embedded in the device (or you can read the codes of the items with the camera).

Key Features:
Apartment goods
& Bull; View orders with items for which there is availability in stock.
& Bull; Make these items as “secluded” (Mexal in the line of the document will become in state E: escapee) and prints a summary of the merchandise secluded.
Packaging goods and creation unloading document
& Bull; View orders with items secluded.
& Bull; Pack the items of one or more orders in one or more boxes (packages).
& Bull; Create unloading document and the packing list.
Review packing list
& Bull; View and print packing lists created.
Article Details
& Bull; View details dall’anagrafica article.
& Bull; Check availability, orders customer / supplier, the loads, discharges, location and the image of the selected article.
& Bull; Print the label of the selected article.
Loading / unloading processes
& Bull; Enter the loads and discharges of stock. A planned procedure will create a document CL or SL with articles and quantities entered.

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Centrallo – Notes Lists Share – Organize your life. Stay on track. Add checklists, notes, lists, photos & share

Centrallo – Notes Lists Share

Organize your life. Stay on track. Add checklists, notes, lists, photos & share

Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 0Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 1Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 2Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 3Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 4Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 5Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 6Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 7Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 8Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 9Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 10Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 11Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 12Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 13Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 14Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 15Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 16Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 17Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 18Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 19Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 20Centrallo – Notes Lists Share screenshot 21

Centrallo – Share Notes, Lists and more…

Catch everything life throws at you with Centrallo. Perfect for organizing all of life’s little details, Centrallo is an elegantly simple organization tool perfect for anyone juggling life’s details around work deadlines, family life, and everything in between. Create checklists, notes and lists, share them privately or post publicly, and create lists within lists to achieve ultimate productivity. Capture the buzz of a single day, keeping your brain open for thinking, not remembering.

With Centrallo, you can:

— Add notes, lists, photos, links and checklists into one, central location to organize and prioritize at your convenience
— Prioritize what’s most important and set due dates to stay on track
— Collaborate on projects with anyone, anywehre, across any device
— Create list hierarchies to keep everything in order
— Store photos, videos, voice notes and links
— Quickly forward items to your free Centrallo email address
— Centralize everything in one place
— Drag and drop for simple navigation

Whether you’re planning a business trip, a family getaway, a wedding or simply making a grocery list, Centrallo’s got you covered. Check out these other features Centrallo users love:

— Synchronizes in real-time across devices, ensuring no detail falls through the cracks
— Password protection keeps life’s most sensitive information secure
— Free to download and available on all devices
— A streamlined, user-friendly interface makes navigation effortless
— Easily delete, check, star or share with a quick swipe
— Anyone that receives a shared list can add and edit, taking collaboration to new heights
— Quickly retrieve notes and lists with the search feature
— Stay focused and productive by moving tasks to the “Priorities” tab
— Create to-do lists
— Keep voice notes handy and organized


Centrallo is free to download and use. With Centrallo Premium, achieve optimum organization with
additional cloud storage and unlimited notes. Centrallo offers two convenient auto-renew options:

Monthly — $4.99 USD per month;
Annual — $49.99 USD per year.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically every month or year (depending on subscription) unless it’s cancelled 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. You may not cancel an active subscription.

Catch everything life throws at you with Centrallo. Try it for free today!

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Installer Toolkit – Faster, more efficient installations.

Installer Toolkit

Faster, more efficient installations.

Installer Toolkit screenshot 0Installer Toolkit screenshot 1Installer Toolkit screenshot 2Installer Toolkit screenshot 3Installer Toolkit screenshot 4Installer Toolkit screenshot 5Installer Toolkit screenshot 6Installer Toolkit screenshot 7Installer Toolkit screenshot 8Installer Toolkit screenshot 9

Install with confidence. The Enphase Installer Toolkit gives you the information you need to
verify a proper installation on-site, giving you the freedom to leave the job site knowing the installation was successful.

Use the Enphase Installer Toolkit to completely configure an Enphase System with your Android device:

– Connect to the Envoy Communications Gateway over a wireless network for faster system setup and verification

– View and email a system status summary report to confirm a successful Enphase System installation

– Pair the Enphase Installer Toolkit with a bluetooth-enable scanner to build array layouts, scan microinverter serial numbers and sync the information with Enlighten monitoring software (requires a Socket Mobile CHS series Apple Certified Bluetooth scanner).

Detail information: