Twixl Viewer Classic Latest Version APK for Android

Twixl Viewer Classic download
Twixl Viewer Classic download

The preview app for Twixl Publisher. Twixl Viewer Classic is offered by Twixl media. Last Updated: December 08, 2016. Current Version: 5.1.3

The Twixl Viewer allows you to preview interactive and enriched content created on your computer with Adobe InDesign® CS6/CC and the Twixl Publisher plug-in. After creating a publication, a designer can push the content to this app from the Twixl Publisher plug-in.

How it works:
When you have created an interactive publication using InDesign and the Twixl Publisher plug-in, the “Preview on device” option in the plug-in allows you to generate a preview of your publication, and send it to an iPad connected to the local network. Open this “Twixl Viewer” app on your device, then enter the IP address listed in the top right corner of the app window in the Preview Settings of the Twixl Publisher Palette.

You can upload up to four different designs.

Support Url:

Marketing URL :

2010-2015 Twixl media, an SHpartners bvba trademark. All rights reserved.

Latest Updates

Update for Twixl Publisher 5.1.3


Twixl Viewer Classic 2017

Download Twixl Viewer Classic for Android

Download Twixl Viewer Classic APK for Android

Twixl Viewer Classic 5.1.3 screenshot

Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 0Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 1Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 2Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 3Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 4Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 5Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 6Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 7Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 8Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 9Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 10Twixl Viewer Classic screenshot 11

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