Ujjwal Patni Latest Version APK for Android

Ujjwal Patni download
Ujjwal Patni download

Free Hindi Motivational Videos and Quotes. Ujjwal Patni is offered by Quest Global Technologies ltd. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 6.1

Ujjwal Patni’s APP:This is a motivational and success app by International Author and motivational speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni that gives you the famous weekly audio and video talk program ‘The Ujjwal Patni Show’ that has changed millions of lives across the world. This famous short weekly talk on different subjects is exclusively available on this app.

This App also has a Daily Success Game that gives you one daily goal. If you work on these small goals, you can achieve extraordinary success and excellence in personal and professional life. You can also earn Rs 150 per month by completing the goals that can be used to buy life changing Dvd’s of Dr Patni.
You can also read and share revolutionary quotes from this app.
You can buy the motivational products at discounted price from this app.
This is the best app on motivation and success habits.

Latest Updates

Change code & Resolved security issue.


Ujjwal Patni 2017

Download Ujjwal Patni APK

Ujjwal Patni for Android

Download Ujjwal Patni for Android

Download Ujjwal Patni APK for Android

Ujjwal Patni 6.1 screenshot

Ujjwal Patni screenshot 0Ujjwal Patni screenshot 1Ujjwal Patni screenshot 2Ujjwal Patni screenshot 3Ujjwal Patni screenshot 4Ujjwal Patni screenshot 5Ujjwal Patni screenshot 6Ujjwal Patni screenshot 7Ujjwal Patni screenshot 8Ujjwal Patni screenshot 9Ujjwal Patni screenshot 10Ujjwal Patni screenshot 11Ujjwal Patni screenshot 12Ujjwal Patni screenshot 13Ujjwal Patni screenshot 14Ujjwal Patni screenshot 15

Ujjwal Patni apk video

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