Timble Paperless Attendance Latest Version APK for Android

Timble Paperless Attendance apk
Timble Paperless Attendance apk

Attendance system for colleges and workplaces associated with Study India. Timble Paperless Attendance is offered by Study India. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.40

PLEASE NOTE: Only download if your college/workplace is associated with Study India and/or Timble. Thanks.

The Timble Paperless Attendance system has been developed to facilitate an automatic attendance process. It is an end to end wireless attendance system which provides details about the classroom and the course the student is undertaking at a particular time. The system has been designed in such a way that it automatically clicks a selfie when a student marks his/her attendance on the phone, during the class duration. Also, the system provides a provision of verifying the student’s fingerprints and the same complements the face recognition software.

The app is advantageous and convenient for the professors and students as compared to the time-consuming process of paper attendance. The mission of the app is to free both the lecturer and the student from the burden of attendance and provide more time for the learning process. The app also allows the students to view their entire time-table for the day and the attendance gets uploaded after performing final sanity checks, every evening at a definite time.

The Timble Class Attendance Tracker, provided for by Study India, helps you manage your Classes Better. Now add classes, get reminders, know in emergencies how many can you miss before you fall off the set attendance cutoff and view the charts and graphs associated to your app all at the click of a button now with Timble!

Latest Updates

Only install if your college/workplace is associated with Study India/Timble for Attendance Marking Purposes.


Timble Paperless Attendance APK

Download Timble Paperless Attendance

Download Timble Paperless Attendance APK

Timble Paperless Attendance for Android

Download Timble Paperless Attendance for Android

Download Timble Paperless Attendance APK for Android

Timble Paperless Attendance 1.1.40 screenshot

Timble Paperless Attendance screenshot 0Timble Paperless Attendance screenshot 1Timble Paperless Attendance screenshot 2Timble Paperless Attendance screenshot 3Timble Paperless Attendance screenshot 4

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