suremax Latest Version APK for Android

download suremax apk
download suremax apk

Suremax – unlimited opportunities for your business. suremax is offered by Shenzhen Sole Network Science&Technology Co., Ltd.. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version:

Suremax – the maximum confidence in the development of your business.
You – active and goal-oriented person, your business is moving by leaps and bounds, and modern means of communication do not have time for his development? Business headway because he just needs new ideas and opportunities? Or maybe you’re just creating a business, and you need to talk about it to as many potential customers? Try Suremax! This is an international business platform, where there are Russian-speaking users.
Resolution of questions on business to find the right information, and view events that have happened to your friends, a random chat conversations – it’s all available in one application.
Suremax – unlimited opportunities for your business.
With Suremax you can easily tell your contacts where you are, using the geolocation feature.
With “Instant purchase” possible to find a product or service in a particular city and then pay their UnionPay bank card, and c using the payment system Alipay, Wechatpay. See for yourself, as it is convenient and fast! So far, the payment function products work only in China, but we are constantly developing!
Suremax: social networking functions – resources for businesses from around the world
The application is equipped with all the features that we often use when we use the social network:
Novosti: learn about current events in the world, as well as in the lives of people from your contact list in one click.
Afisha: a variety of activities – it’s a great way to make new useful contacts and advertise your business, as well as a break from the daily hassle.
Statistika: this feature will help find out who is interested in your profile.
Suremax: application-tailored to the needs of your business.
Since Suremax – it’s for business application, the standard social network features are complemented with useful features for your business:
Katalog Companies: find the right partners in a few clicks.
Mini sites of companies: Meet the future partners better. On a page of a possible partner provides general information about him, information about the services provided and goods sold, the news.
Doska ads: post private messages, and you may have to look for deals becomes easy and comfortable.
Transportnaya Exchange: You will be able to apply for and choose the best shipping company of the number of proposals received, or to find the optimal transport.
Vakansii: look for a best worldwide. With the app Suremax find the perfect employer or employee becomes impeccable in times easier!
Suremax – communication without boundaries with partners around the world
With the function “Messenger,” you will be able at any time to discuss work issues with a colleague in real-time contact with a potential partner, to express themselves and get an immediate response.
New nice addition to the application was the group chat feature. You can bring to discussion an entire department or even an entire corporation, because you can add them to a group chat already up to 2,000 people.
Benefits Suremax
None of the existing social network or business application does not give you as many features in a single program and a user-friendly interface where everything is at hand as Suremax. So go up with the present and do not deny yourself in the comfort! Install Suremax on your device.
Do not forget that we are developing together with you, so that all functions are constantly optimized, adding new and bugs with each passing day it becomes less and less. We value your opinion and welcome feedback, so that we have for you.
Download Statement Suremax application right now and enjoy informative social networking, business applications, performance and efficiency of the program messenger. Bring your business to the next level and allow us to contribute to your success!

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Download suremax

Download suremax APK

suremax for Android

Download suremax for Android

Download suremax APK for Android

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