Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda Latest Version APK for Android

download Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda apk
download Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda apk

Application Sales Force Commercial Representatives and Salesmen Autonomous. Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda is offered by HLP MOBILE SERVICE. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.18

Broaden the differential between its competitors, is every day more professional and broaden their horizons by integrating your products and services to Web and your customers!

Access all your requests, budgets, catalogs, price list, customer records, and other tools of their day to day in one place.

Be on your phone or desktop, the analysis of business opportunities through this sales application will be more agile and simple.

What’s more, it works even in offline mode. Thus, internet outage will not prevent you to launch your applications and register new customers, simply synchronize all information when connecting.

Your data will be saved in the Microsoft Azure servers and will remain available whenever you need.

Plan and execute your campaigns more efficiently and analytically.

Create custom goals for each representative, categorizing them for example, billing, business goals and new businesses.

Its range of products and services on tablets, mobile phones, desktop will be available 24 hours for your customer to order online anytime and anywhere.

Price List, discounts, custom taxes and commissioning according to the policy of your company.

– Email send directly to your customer and distributor, so it sent its request;

– Order and sales budget in online or offline;

– Sales and inventory control products with grids (such as colors and sizes).

– With electronic application, users will have access to various performance indicators such as sales, targets, comparisons between campaigns;

– Ranking of products and customers, among others, as needed.

Latest Updates

✓ Novo layout do aplicativo, mais moderno, melhor desempenho.

✓ Novo menu “Sobre”, com opção de acesso remoto, e termos e condições.

✓ Novo de menu de “Chat Online” para contato direto com nosso setor de suporte técnico.

✓ Nova listagem de dados com maior desempenho e velocidade.

✓ Novo design de telas de clientes e produtos.

✓ Novo design de tela de edição de produtos.

✓ Melhoria de desempenho em tela de carregamento inicial.

✓ Correção de pequenos bugs.

✓ Integração com ERP OMIE.


Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda 2017

Download Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda APK

Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda for Android

Download Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda for Android

Download Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda APK for Android

Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda 1.0.18 screenshot

Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 0Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 1Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 2Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 3Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 4Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 5Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda screenshot 6

Pedido Eletrônico/Pedido Venda apk video

See detail information and download apk file:

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