Lúnet-Força de Vendas Latest Version APK for Android

Lúnet-Força de Vendas apk
Lúnet-Força de Vendas apk

Control and agility for you or your external sales team. Lúnet-Força de Vendas is offered by Lúnet Soluções em Tecnologia. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 2.0.11

Ideal for the control of its external sales team or staff, external sales control. It is an easy and intuitive application. Developed natively for Android 3.1 or higher platform and 3.7 “screens or higher (480 x 680 or higher), enables better performance and is fully integrated with your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and compatible with any ERP (Software . management) on the market, requiring only the development of automation between your ERP and application ERP’s already integrated: NW Software, MBM Solutions, Mega Small, Hlp, VL Correa, Harsy, Seven, Caneva, Unicode, NTS info , TinyERP, Mega Corporate (See Us).

The available downloadable application is free for testing and has no use restrictions. In it are previously registered about 200 products with fictitious prices. Note: The registration of your company’s products, can only be done after the purchase of the software. This registration can be made through our lunet.com.br/admin Management Area or through integration with your ERP.

Eliminate costs of duplication, catalogs, technical drawings, bill of order, phone, among others. Gather in one place all materials that your business and your sales team needs and still provide their customers with a fast and modern visit.

Increase your sales, minimize typing errors, shorten the delivery time capturing the application for quickly and easily in front of your client, suggesting promotions, launches, the latest purchases products that are not listed in the current purchase and also make available to him the completion of the sale, the application form * or by email. (* Required own Bluetooth printer).

Give your seller more productivity, more flexibility, more information, enabling the increase in sales conversion. Keep it updated with new product launches and services, new promotions, with the targets / forecasts already achieved in the month. Make available to him, the history of past customer purchases, outstanding bonds, facilitating negotiations and avoiding forgetting the sale of goods and services that the customer frequently purchase.

Without control of the prospects that its representatives perform? Make analysis and real-time monitoring through management reports available in our Management Area (website) of all surveys, visits and sales being carried out by his team.

Their representatives are regularly visiting your customers? By geographic location (Google Maps + GPS) and markers with colors, your representative can easily see which clients are located near the current location it is and how long was made the last visit / requests in it.

Other Features:
– Products with photos and zoom
– Customer Search and Voice Products
– Automatic search address by ZIP code
– Integration with Waze
– Order Release Blocked by Volume by Supervisor
– Reading Products by Bar Code (integrated camera or Bluetooth barcode reader);
– Works even offline (requires wi-fi, 3G or 4G for sending and receiving data)
– Send / Data / Image Receiving with just 1 click through webservices servers ( “Cloud Computing”)
– List / by Representative Price List, or Client Group Client
– We customize specific business rules of your company
– Ability to Enter Reasons for Not For Sale
– Control Route / Schedule (Day, No, etc.) integrated with Google Maps
More information see our website.

upcoming releases
– Follow-up Release by customer

If interested in using our application, please contact us and request a presentation / budget.

What’s New


– Integração com PipeDrive (envio de informações Organização, Pessoas, Negócios)

– Correções de Bugs


– Implementado nova tela para digitação (Modelo Projeto Item Principal + Item Acessórios)


– Corrigido exibição de valores no Calendário


– Corrigido erro na adição de itens nos tablets 7″ (vertical)


– Melhorado validação de múltiplos contatos

Mais detalhes consulte “Comunicado 06/12/2016”

Integrações em Andamento (Led Informatica, JobTech)


Lúnet-Força de Vendas 2017

Download Lúnet-Força de Vendas for Android

Download Lúnet-Força de Vendas APK for Android

Lúnet-Força de Vendas 2.0.11 screenshot

Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 0Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 1Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 2Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 3Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 4Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 5Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 6Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 7Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 8Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 9Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 10Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 11Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 12Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 13Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 14Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 15Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 16Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 17Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 18Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 19Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 20Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 21Lúnet-Força de Vendas screenshot 22

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