Kast: Increase Sales Results Latest Version APK for Android

Kast: Increase Sales Results download
Kast: Increase Sales Results download

Connect and engage your sales workforce. Download it now for free!. Kast: Increase Sales Results is offered by Samba Tech. Last Updated: December 06, 2016. Current Version: 1.3.0

Kast is a mobile solution that provides a real-time, secure communication channel to enable distributed teams to sell more. It’s as if you have every single colleague in the same office room, all on your phone. Share video, audio image and text to improve communication and sales results.

Download it now for free on App Store and Google Play!

Main Features:
• Safe Login: Register with your corporate email and get automatically grouped with your coworkers.
• Colleagues Invitation: Send an invite by email and start working together. Only employees registered with corporate email will be able to access company content.
• Your professional profile: Upload your personal photo, choose your job title and description.
• Your sales channels in one place: Sales training, product feedback and whatever you imagine.
• Posts, stories and channels: Every post is part of a story. Every story created is part of a channel. Simple like that.
•Confidential subjects: You are able to create private channels.
• Self-made content: Record audio and video, take photos and write texts using your smartphone resources.
• Content Sharing: Publish audio, video, image and text right on your followed channels, create stories to start a conversation or post on an existing one.
• Stay current: A new sales rep joined the team? Your colleague replied with a new client information? Be aware of important notifications right away.
• Information Security: What you publish on Kast belongs to Kast and only your company colleagues are able to access these information.

Common Use:

Sales & Sales
• Micro-learning, training and Sales Enablement
• Win Loss analysis
• Client feedbacks
• Sales Rep. Ramp Up

Sales & Marketing
• Share daily information about prospects and customers.
• Give real-time market feedback.
• Constant sales development with micro-learnings and training.
• Create communication channels with marketing to build campaigns.

Sales & Product
• Keep the sales team informed with real-time product updates.
• Maintain the message aligned and unified between product and sales.
• Facilitate product and customer feedback with simple information sharing.
• Equip the sales team with the product knowledge they need to succeed.

What’s New


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Kast: Increase Sales Results 2017

Download Kast: Increase Sales Results

Download Kast: Increase Sales Results APK

Kast: Increase Sales Results for Android

Download Kast: Increase Sales Results for Android

Download Kast: Increase Sales Results APK for Android

Kast: Increase Sales Results 1.3.0 screenshot

Kast: Increase Sales Results screenshot 0Kast: Increase Sales Results screenshot 1Kast: Increase Sales Results screenshot 2Kast: Increase Sales Results screenshot 3Kast: Increase Sales Results screenshot 4

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