Percentage Solver-Proportions Latest Version APK for Android

Percentage Solver-Proportions download
Percentage Solver-Proportions download

Fastest and easiest way of calculating proportions. Percentage Solver-Proportions is offered by jrD. Last Updated: December 05, 2016

Most of the apps which try to provide cross-multiplication calculation have been doing it the natural way. Percentage Solver also did it the same way.

However, thinking it more deeply, it is clear that the “mantally intuitive” way is no longer the best way, as most users are now more used to make this calculations on a mobile device. It is not needed this kind of interface anymore.

That is the reason why Percentage Solver is going the easiest way. If the app only needs 2 numbers, why are all other apps showing a grid with four of them?

Percentage Solver goes also the smartest way. Just enter the two numbers, order doesn’t matter anymore! Enter two numbers and it will return the proportions between them. Introduce a numebr and a percentage and Percentage Solver will output the quantity the percentage represents from the numer.

And all of it in a naturally way: spoken words!

No need to think where a number should be entered
Percentage Solver returns its result in a phrase instead of just numbers in a table
Results are presented in a modern visual style

Latest Updates

Just add the numbers. No need to input it in any place. Percentage Solver will then make calculations and show the results.

Percentage Solver shows now its results in a verbose way.

No more video ads!

The app has now a new icon. I hope you like it.


Percentage Solver-Proportions 2017

Download Percentage Solver-Proportions APK

Percentage Solver-Proportions for Android

Download Percentage Solver-Proportions for Android

Download Percentage Solver-Proportions APK for Android

Percentage Solver-Proportions screenshot

Percentage Solver-Proportions screenshot 0Percentage Solver-Proportions screenshot 1

See more information and download apk file:

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