Omnipos – comande management Omnipos cash


comande management Omnipos cash

Omnipos screenshot 0Omnipos screenshot 1Omnipos screenshot 2Omnipos screenshot 3Omnipos screenshot 4Omnipos screenshot 5Omnipos screenshot 6Omnipos screenshot 7Omnipos screenshot 8Omnipos screenshot 9Omnipos screenshot 10

The management of the restaurant in the palm of a hand.

The APP order management is the ideal tool to allow the restaurant staff to properly handle all the management time and optimize communication with the productive areas.

Some of the APP features:

Search Engine: The APP contains a useful search engine that lets you find the food demands quickly and easily.

Letter indicators: Integrated into the search engine, enable faster consulting the menu.

confirmation / reminder kitchen keys: With these keys, you can manage more smoothly the incoming flow plates directly from the tables.

Interactive menu dishes: Each dish will be displayed on the APP with his description and his photography.

Virtual / stylus Keypad: Allows you to write down any changes required to the ordered dishes. To satisfy the most demanding customers also.

Download apk file:

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