MiConnect Latest Version APK for Android

MiConnect download
MiConnect download

MiConnect Diagnostic Application for new generation of Mita-Teknik controllers. MiConnect is offered by Mita-Teknik. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version:

With the MiConnect Diagnostic Mobile App, monitoring and visualization of your wind turbine’s operation process is now possible via your mobile devices. The MiConnect App makes service easy and gives you the overview you need to ensure optimal operation and performance of your wind turbine.

In addition, it provides the possibility to make control modifications. The app connects to a controller directly or via the wind park network and is specifically designed to assist service officers who manage wind turbine operation on site.


Profile Manager – enables the user to set a connection (by defining a set of IP addresses, logins and passwords) to particular targets and save it as individual profiles for quick access and turbine operation management.

Menu Display – is a graphical user interface for the Controller Operation System and current applications running on the controller, which appears on your mobile device. The Menu Display enables the user to access application data through menu items. These menu parameters have been previously programmed by the developer. The menu items are available in read-only and read/write mode depending on the User Access Rights. Read/write mode allows the user to change various settings.

Trend View – provides the user with an instant access to data, information on how the unit responds to all external and internal conditions and influences. The operation condition data is displayed in the form of linear graphs. It allows the user to monitor data changes of selected controller’s variables in real-time.

Operation Panel – enables the user to view measurements of principal characteristics of the unit operation, which is visually displayed in a panel with the presented measurements. Data for these characteristics is retrieved and updated in real-time mode. The user can monitor overall system status, principal mechanical and electrical characteristics of the unit, power characteristics and weather conditions.

What’s New

Possibility to specify ports configuration for Menu and FTP


MiConnect 2017

MiConnect APK

Download MiConnect

Download MiConnect APK

MiConnect for Android

Download MiConnect for Android

Download MiConnect APK for Android

MiConnect screenshot

MiConnect screenshot 0MiConnect screenshot 1MiConnect screenshot 2MiConnect screenshot 3MiConnect screenshot 4MiConnect screenshot 5MiConnect screenshot 6MiConnect screenshot 7

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