Mdc Diamond Latest Version APK for Android

download Mdc Diamond apk
download Mdc Diamond apk

MDC Diamond is an innovative platform to realize App for mobile devices. Mdc Diamond is offered by Gulliver S.r.l.. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 4.1.19

Note: To use MDC, you must have a subscription for access to the administration console. (The application is directed to a user business)

Install MDC (Mobile Data Collection), created through the web console your application and run it on your devices.
Moreover, with the new version Diamond can be implemented through the use of simple scripts, their “business rules” directly in the App.

MDC is the innovative Italian platform to achieve, in complete autonomy, App for smartphones / tablet Android, iOS and Windows 8.x

To be able to create applications and deploy them you need to get the license for the development console and the related activation codes to provide users with users, the player (this app) is free.

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You need not be expert programmers, thanks to MDC everyone can draw, create and update your App quickly.

Create the app and run it immediately on any platform!

See data, gather information, build your CRM solution, merchandising, orders, logistics, delivery, maintenance, localization, InfoMobility, public administration …

MDC can be connected with popular enterprise information systems allowing immediate data exchange with the devices.

Latest Updates

– Migliorata connessione con device Koamtac

– Minori bug fix


Mdc Diamond 2017

Download Mdc Diamond APK for Android

Mdc Diamond 4.1.19 screenshot

Mdc Diamond screenshot 0Mdc Diamond screenshot 1Mdc Diamond screenshot 2Mdc Diamond screenshot 3Mdc Diamond screenshot 4Mdc Diamond screenshot 5Mdc Diamond screenshot 6Mdc Diamond screenshot 7Mdc Diamond screenshot 8Mdc Diamond screenshot 9Mdc Diamond screenshot 10Mdc Diamond screenshot 11Mdc Diamond screenshot 12Mdc Diamond screenshot 13

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