Logmedo Database Latest Version APK for Android

download Logmedo Database apk
download Logmedo Database apk

A modern database app to keep track of anything. Organize your life!. Logmedo Database is offered by Logmedo.com. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.115

Logmedo is an easy to use and highly customizable database application with the simplicity of a spreadsheet. It allows you to create personal and business database/spreadsheet apps. Keep track of your personal and business data all in a single app.

NOTE: This app requires connection to the server to function – there is no offline mode.

* Cloud based – no DropBox or other ad-hoc sync method required.
* Access your databases from your smartphone and tablet.
* Access your database from your computer at logmedo.com.
* Multiple tables and relationships.
* Wizard to create charts from your data.
* Compare current data with data from a different period. For example, you can compare current month’s data with last month’s data or the same month in the previous year.
* Intuitive wizard to create pivot table from your data.
* A central “Dashboard” to view charts from your various databases.
* Share your database with other registered users. You can make some users as “Editors” and others as “Viewers”. Editors can add/edit/delete records, but cannot make design changes to the database. Viewers can only view data.
* Share your database (read-only) with anyone with a link, or embedded your data in a website or a blog. See an example here – logmedo.com/embed.html.
* Import from CSV. You can import data into a new table, or import data into an existing table.
* Download as PDF.
* Download as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).
* Choose different color theme for each database;
* Choose custom icon for each of your databases.
* Format rows/columns with fill/text color
* Publish your database design as template for others to import and use (your data is not shared)
* Browse and import database design templates that others have shared.
* Many different types of custom fields to choose from (more than 23), including signature and barcode.
* Formula field – you have the full power of JavaScript! Use it to compute values, from a simple computation, to complex code that cross-references other tables in the database.
* In addition to standard columns, create columns (such as length/height, distance, speed, temperature, and weight), that support both metric (m, km, kph, C), as well as the English system (ft, mi, mph, F).
* Support for search, featuring a powerful search engine with advanced search operators (AND, OR, NOT, +, -, *, ?), and fuzzy and proximity search.
* Attach files from cloud providers.

Here are some database app that you can create in Logmedo:

* Vehicle logbook
* Exercise logbook
* Health logbook
* Office Inventory
* Music Library
* Movie Library
* Document Management System
* Expense log
* Mileage Record
* Rental Property Management
* Electronic Health Record
* and many more

What’s New

1. When downloading data as PDF, Excel, or CSV, you can now specify which tables, and which columns in a given table, to include or exclude.

2. Bug fixed – On Android Nougat, PDF, Excel, or CSV download does not work.

3. Various bug fixes and stability improvement.


Logmedo Database 2017

Download Logmedo Database

Download Logmedo Database APK

Logmedo Database for Android

Download Logmedo Database for Android

Download Logmedo Database APK for Android

Logmedo Database 1.0.115 screenshot

Logmedo Database screenshot 0Logmedo Database screenshot 1Logmedo Database screenshot 2Logmedo Database screenshot 3Logmedo Database screenshot 4Logmedo Database screenshot 5Logmedo Database screenshot 6Logmedo Database screenshot 7Logmedo Database screenshot 8Logmedo Database screenshot 9Logmedo Database screenshot 10Logmedo Database screenshot 11Logmedo Database screenshot 12Logmedo Database screenshot 13Logmedo Database screenshot 14

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