LifeRPG Latest Version APK for Android

LifeRPG download
LifeRPG download

Like the menu screen of a video game but for real life. LifeRPG is offered by Jayvant Javier Pujara. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 2.1.4

– Gain XP for achieving goals (missions) and level up.

– Break missions down into full sub-missions as much as you want, or just jot down ideas, notes or steps for each mission with the built-in scratchpad feature.

– Automatically sort your missions by suggested priority, even taking your energy level into account.

– Assign unlimited skills to missions and watch your skills level up as well. Rename and delete skills any time.

– Radar chart displays your top skills, or any combination of skills you select.

– Create your own reward system: set and gain reward points for completing missions and buy rewards.

– Set your own custom sounds for leveling up, completing missions, and increased skills.

– Ability to sort missions by date worked on, searching all your plans to identify what you’ve most or least recently worked on.

– Unique “Next” tab lets you view the next calculated highest priority missions to advance all your goals.

– Lots of icons included to customize your missions, or use emoji.

– Ability to set due dates and repetition. Specify custom intervals for repetitions (e.g. hourly, every 2 days, every 3 weeks, etc.)

– Add unlimited notification reminders for missions.

– Ability to set estimated duration for missions and sort by duration.

– View chart of XP progress over past 7 days.

– Level progress bar and daily missions home screen widgets.

Latest Updates


āž• Added ability to add skills directly from Skills section

šŸ“± Added Samsung split screen view support

āš  Mission reminder notifications now show mission icons

šŸŽÆ Added ability to sort skills by XP to go until next level in Skills section

šŸ“¦ā†© Added undo for inventory item consumption


LifeRPG 2017

Download LifeRPG APK

LifeRPG for Android

Download LifeRPG for Android

Download LifeRPG APK for Android

LifeRPG 2.1.4 screenshot

LifeRPG screenshot 0LifeRPG screenshot 1LifeRPG screenshot 2LifeRPG screenshot 3LifeRPG screenshot 4LifeRPG screenshot 5LifeRPG screenshot 6LifeRPG screenshot 7

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