Kanbanize Latest Version APK for Android

download Kanbanize apk
download Kanbanize apk

Kanbanize will boost your productivity!. Kanbanize is offered by Businessmap LTD. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: Version

Kanbanize will boost your productivity!

Use the proven power of the Kanban method to apply lean principles to your work.

No more team overload! No more unclear priorities! No more unproductive multi-tasking!

Kanbanize is visual management software. It enables real-time collaboration via highly customizable Kanban boards.
Kanbanize will help you design your workflow, collaborate with others and track important metrics out of the box.

Kanbanize for Android lets you:
◉ browse projects and boards
◉ look up task details
◉ create, move and delete tasks
◉ modify tasks (edit title, description, assignee, column, swimlane, priority, color, deadline, size and type)
◉ split big tasks into smaller subtasks
◉ comment on tasks

Happy Kanbanizing! 🙂

Latest Updates

◉ New functionality: view and add card attachments

◉ Minor fixes and improvements


Kanbanize 2017

Kanbanize APK

Download Kanbanize

Download Kanbanize APK

Kanbanize for Android

Download Kanbanize for Android

Download Kanbanize APK for Android

Kanbanize Version screenshot

Kanbanize screenshot 0Kanbanize screenshot 1Kanbanize screenshot 2Kanbanize screenshot 3Kanbanize screenshot 4Kanbanize screenshot 5Kanbanize screenshot 6Kanbanize screenshot 7

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