Invoices & Estimates Latest Version APK for Android

Invoices & Estimates apk
Invoices & Estimates apk

Less time, bigger revenue, and more clients – Invoices and Estimates in minutes. Invoices & Estimates is offered by Coutun Constantin. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 4.4

— We now offer the app for free* —

This app helps you create professional looking invoices and estimates in a timely manner.

– It has more than 1000 built-in services and materials
– It also uses GPS to get your current address,so you won’t have to type it in.
– It allows you to add a LOGO to your forms, and also supports SIGNATURE input.
– Another feature supported is mobile PRINT. If you have a mobile printer, then you’ll be able to print your invoices on the spot. If not, then you can send the estimate or invoice through email, facebook, SMS, etc.
– Barcode Scanner. A very useful feature for those of you who are dealing with large numbers of products.
– Payment Options (Cash, Check, Credit Card). You can collect payments from your clients on the spot.
– Sync + Backup functionality (you can now create and access your invoices from multiple devices)
– Full offline functionality (you can use the app even when not connected to the Internet)
– 7 new templates for invoices and estimates (fully customizable)
– Multiple tax function
– New stats including Due invoices, best-selling item, average sales, etc.
– Connection to calendar to mark invoices dates
– Shake for feedback (an easier way to keep in touch with us)
– – .CSV import. Invoices & Estimates app allows you to import up to 4000 products and 4000 clients from a .csv file. A very easy way to input data without typing
– Navigate. The app now connects to Google Maps (or any other map app) and navigates you to your client’s address or GPS coordinates.
– Notes. Added a notes field to the clients section.
– Map – an easier way to get your clients address without typing.
– GPS coordinates for better precision of finding your clients.
– performance updates
Why choose this app?

– English
– Russian
– Spanish
– Chinese
– Indonesian
– Greek
– Afrikaans,
– Albanian
– Arabian
– Armenian
– Azerbaijani
– Belorussian
– Bulgarian
– Croatian
– Czech
– Danish
– Duch
– Estonian
– Filipino
– Finish
– German
– Hungarian
– Indonesian
– Italian
– Japanese
– Portuguese
– Swedish
– Turkish
– and now you can even add your own language.
** languages are available only for the invoices and estimates forms. When changing the language, the forms will change, but the app itself will remain in English

– Automotive (17 Services; 176 Parts)
– Cleaning (18 Services, 35 Materials)
– Computer repair (12 Services, 47 Parts)
– Construction (37 Services)
– HVAC (8 Services)
– Landscaping (15 Services)
– Moving (26 Services)
– Painting (8 Services)
– Plumbing (30 Services)
– Remodeling (15 Services)
– .. we update this list constantly, so make sure you check the app for more industries. If your industry is not listed, you can always create your own list of commonly used Services and Parts inside the app.

– Save time when creating estimates and invoices. With our app, you can save up to 70% of the time you usually spend writing your estimates and invoices.
– Be professional. Show your clients that you are staying on top of the latest technology trends in your business. Amaze them with professional-looking quotes and invoices.
– Get more business. Being able to create estimates and invoices right on the job site helps you save time – which eventually can be used for getting more business.

– available 24/7 via email

If you’re looking for the best and most affordable invoicing and estimating app on the market, then you should definitely try our “Invoices & Estimates” app. We guarantee your satisfaction.
*the free version is limited to 3 estimates, 3 invoices, and 2 clients. If you want to build unlimited invoices, then consider purchasing the full version. You can do it through the app.

Those of you who have purchased the paid version before, please contact us at to get details on how to activate your update.

Latest Updates

– fixed Discount bug

– Design updates

– Payment History. Now, you can add different types of payments to your invoices. You can choose between Cash, Check, Credit Card, and PayPal. Invoices can now be paid in rates.

– fixed Clients bugs


Invoices & Estimates 2017

Invoices & Estimates APK

Download Invoices & Estimates

Download Invoices & Estimates APK

Invoices & Estimates for Android

Download Invoices & Estimates for Android

Download Invoices & Estimates APK for Android

Invoices & Estimates 4.4 screenshot

Invoices & Estimates screenshot 0Invoices & Estimates screenshot 1Invoices & Estimates screenshot 2Invoices & Estimates screenshot 3Invoices & Estimates screenshot 4Invoices & Estimates screenshot 5Invoices & Estimates screenshot 6Invoices & Estimates screenshot 7Invoices & Estimates screenshot 8Invoices & Estimates screenshot 9Invoices & Estimates screenshot 10Invoices & Estimates screenshot 11Invoices & Estimates screenshot 12Invoices & Estimates screenshot 13Invoices & Estimates screenshot 14Invoices & Estimates screenshot 15Invoices & Estimates screenshot 16Invoices & Estimates screenshot 17Invoices & Estimates screenshot 18Invoices & Estimates screenshot 19Invoices & Estimates screenshot 20Invoices & Estimates screenshot 21Invoices & Estimates screenshot 22Invoices & Estimates screenshot 23

Invoices & Estimates apk video

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