Intapp Time Latest Version APK for Android

download Intapp Time apk
download Intapp Time apk

Intapp Time delivers the industry's most advanced time capture technology. Intapp Time is offered by Intapp, Inc.. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version:

Intapp Time improves productivity and profitability by providing law firm personnel with a mobile solution to enter and edit critical time information from any location just as they would if they were sitting at their desk.

Unlike other time entry applications that only allow for “scratch pad” entries, Intapp Time mobile provides intuitive fields that allow the user to input fully validated data in the same way that they easily perform entries within their Intapp Time desktop application.

– Requires the licensing of Intapp Time and an existing Intapp Time environment. Intapp Time makes various codes available to users such as client, matter, task codes and other user defined fields when entering their time or expenses.

Intapp Time users find the following especially useful:
– Search your firm’s entire validation information when you need to select client/matter data.
– Precisely track hours by the starting and stopping of timers.
– Ability to release entries from your device

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Intapp Time 2017

Download Intapp Time

Download Intapp Time APK

Intapp Time for Android

Download Intapp Time for Android

Download Intapp Time APK for Android

Intapp Time screenshot

Intapp Time screenshot 0Intapp Time screenshot 1Intapp Time screenshot 2Intapp Time screenshot 3Intapp Time screenshot 4Intapp Time screenshot 5Intapp Time screenshot 6Intapp Time screenshot 7Intapp Time screenshot 8Intapp Time screenshot 9Intapp Time screenshot 10Intapp Time screenshot 11Intapp Time screenshot 12

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