Hitask – Team Task Management Latest Version APK for Android

Hitask - Team Task Management download
Hitask – Team Task Management download

Task and project management for teams. Assign, share tasks and projects. Hitask – Team Task Management is offered by human > computer. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 6.2.0

Task Management app with Cloud Sync and Offline support! Use on Android, iPhone, iPad and any Desktop browser. Advanced project management features for teams: share and assign tasks, add comments.
Push notifications: get notified when team mate assign a task to you, makes a comment or change!

Task management tool of choice for more than 500,000 users since 2007, Hitask is easy to use and does not require learning.
Visit hitask.com to learn more!

With HiTask you can organize tasks into Projects, arrange with tags, colors. Assign tasks to team members or share with entire team.
You can use the app offline. This means when Internet connection becomes available again all changes will be automatically synchronized!

HiTask features:
– Hierarchical tasks
– Tags
– Task colors
– Calendar
– Time tracking: record time spent on tasks
– Reporting: Produce reports on task and project progress
– Create tasks by sending email to HiTask
– Get notified about due tasks by email

Team features:

– Assign tasks to your team mates
– Share tasks with your team
– Add comments to tasks
And many more!

HiTask is free and it is yours forever!

What’s New

Thank you for using Hitask! Please let us know your feedback and suggestions.

Version 6.2:

✼ Overdue and completed items displayed as groups in Today and All Items.

✼ Fixed issue with Google Sign-In.

Version 6:

✼ Added sort order by due date

✼ Web link and phone detection in task description

✼ Project percent complete indicator

✼ New Tab navigation


– New: Work with documents and file attachments!

– New: Track time spent on tasks with Timer!

– New: Widget! List tasks on your home screen.


Hitask – Team Task Management 2017

Hitask – Team Task Management for Android

Download Hitask – Team Task Management for Android

Download Hitask – Team Task Management APK for Android

Hitask – Team Task Management 6.2.0 screenshot

Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 0Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 1Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 2Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 3Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 4Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 5Hitask - Team Task Management screenshot 6

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