GenieBelt Latest Version APK for Android

GenieBelt apk
GenieBelt apk

GenieBelt is a free collaboration and communication tool for construction. GenieBelt is offered by GenieBelt. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 2.2.2

“I used GenieBelt, now I only use GenieBelt.” Contractor

“The benefits to the overall team in being able to get an instant update have proved invaluable.” Construction Manager

GenieBelt is simply simple Construction Management Software for SMEs giving you Bigger, better profits.

With access to the live GANTT (Construction Programme/Schedule), everyone on your project is up-to-date with who does what and when.

“Geniebelt has been a revelation. It’s user-friendly, accessible, allows us to relay technical information from site to office and collaborate efficiently, which saves us time.” Construction Manager

For the Android app we transform the complexity of the Gantt (hosted on our web version into a simple shopping list that users report progress against and attach photos.

“It is simple and intuitive IT – and after a short online education, everyone was off to a flying start. Even the Sub-Contractors are impressed!” Client

With the GenieBelt Android app finding the latest drawing or project documents when you need it has never been easier.

“GenieBelt is easy and intuitive to use, keeps track of drawing revisions and issues, and most importantly maintains an automatic ‘current drawings’ folder so that contractors are always using up to date.” Architect

“GenieBelt has encouraged our clients to engage with current information digitally and letting go of superseded versions. The battle is won and the whole design and construction team benefits.” Architect

GenieBelt Android app is FREE to use with paid plans available to give you even more value.

Terms of service:

Privacy policy:

For general questions email us at

Discover more about this app and check out the web version of GenieBelt at

What’s New

This release includes:

– view and amend advanced task dependencies when you are online

– quick one touch “on schedule” progress updates

– bug fixes


GenieBelt 2017

GenieBelt APK

Download GenieBelt

Download GenieBelt APK

GenieBelt for Android

Download GenieBelt for Android

Download GenieBelt APK for Android

GenieBelt 2.2.2 screenshot

GenieBelt screenshot 0GenieBelt screenshot 1GenieBelt screenshot 2GenieBelt screenshot 3GenieBelt screenshot 4GenieBelt screenshot 5GenieBelt screenshot 6GenieBelt screenshot 7GenieBelt screenshot 8GenieBelt screenshot 9GenieBelt screenshot 10GenieBelt screenshot 11GenieBelt screenshot 12

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