Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree Latest Version APK for Android

Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree download
Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree download

2017 calendar holidays in Peru, with optional notes and notifications. Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree is offered by Rhappsody Technologies. Last Updated: December 05, 2016. Current Version: 3.0


Calendar 2015, 2016 and 2017 in Peru, with the inclusion of all national holidays.

The application also provides many additional features:

– DAILY NOTES. Write your notes, choosing a background color (from 5 available) for later identification. You can edit or delete them as many times as you like.
– ANNUAL NOTES. Notes birthdays, anniversaries … and this option will be repeated automatically every year. As in the case of daily, are identifiable notes using a background color, and you can modify, delete, or even turn them into daily later note.
– NOTES Multiday. You can select several days at a time to include the same daily note in all of them, and identify them as always with the color you choose.
– SUMMARY OF NOTES. Consult a list of all the notes that you have incorporated.
– Notifications. Notification program on the annotated event and receive notice when you choose.
– CHANGE WEEKLY START DAY. You yourself can choose the starting day of the week, Monday or Sunday.
– SAVE DATA TO SD. Record easily on your memory card backup of all the built-in notes. You can burn as many copies as you want, giving them the name you want to each of them.
– Recover data from SD. Easily recovers from the memory card, any backups you’ve previously recorded.

Please if you have any questions or suggestions, contact us through our email.

What’s New

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Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree 2017

Download Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree APK for Android

Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree 3.0 screenshot

Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree screenshot 0Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree screenshot 1Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree screenshot 2Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree screenshot 3Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree screenshot 4Calendario 2017 Perú AdFree screenshot 5

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