Алло Инфо – Исполнитель – "Hello Info" – a mobile application for the taxi drivers.

Алло Инфо - Исполнитель

"Hello Info" – a mobile application for the taxi drivers.

Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 0Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 1Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 2Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 3Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 4Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 5Алло Инфо - Исполнитель screenshot 6

“Hello Info” – a modern mobile application for the taxi drivers. It allows you to receive incoming orders in real time.

Download the mobile app “AlloInfo – Artist”, open temporary registration and start earning!
Seven advantages of working with “Hello Info”:
1. Automatic optimal allocation of orders:
– Install a handy range of orders reception. Maximum range 1500;
– Orders are distributed automatically, the program gives preference to the nearest car.
2. “empty” running minimum
The program selects the closest driver to order, saving time at the entrance to the client and money on fuel.
3. Full details of the order. More information about the passenger:
4. In the event of a threat to your life, health or property, you can press the alarm button in the program and you will arrive next drivers or the police outfit.
5. FREE hour information support for the work program and other issues.
6. Regular updating of the program taking into account the wishes and comments of the drivers.
7. Wide range of selectable orders possibilities in selected parking section gives you the opportunity to pick up a client “on the way”.

We draw the attention of drivers: the customer gives consent to the processing of their personal data provided to the Company. The company, in turn, is obliged to take all necessary measures to protect the data received from the customer in accordance with the law.

See detail information: https://goo.gl/ZhVxUb


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