Text OCR – tFinder Latest Version APK for Android

Text OCR – tFinder download
Text OCR – tFinder download

Recognize text from camera or gallery with tFinder!. Text OCR – tFinder is offered by Nick Titov. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 2.0

Do you need to recognize text of the book, magazine, store signs, tourist signs? Want fast recognition of the text? Use tFinder!
tFinder – is a free application that can be used to recognize text in images and photos. It allows you to recognize in 100 languages. Recognition does not require internet connection, if you downloaded the language file yet. English is pre-installed at once, which explains a big size of application. For correct recognition, the text should be clear and well lit.
tFinder – a great assistant for recognition or search for text in documents, books, manuals, magazines, etc. App will be useful for tourist, for translation of waymarks and recognizing the address for finding it on the map.
If you find any error or bug, please leave comments or contact the author.
Thanks for your choise!

What’s New


1. Full application redesign

2. Fixed crash with memory

3. Fixed problem with language downloading

4. Added 70 NEW languages

5. Added support for Android 5+


Text OCR – tFinder 2017

Download Text OCR – tFinder APK

Text OCR – tFinder for Android

Download Text OCR – tFinder for Android

Download Text OCR – tFinder APK for Android

Text OCR – tFinder 2.0 screenshot

Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 0Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 1Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 2Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 3Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 4Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 5Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 6Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 7Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 8Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 9Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 10Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 11Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 12Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 13Text OCR – tFinder screenshot 14

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