Talview – Candidate App Latest Version APK for Android

Talview - Candidate App download
Talview – Candidate App download

Talview is a convenient way to practice video interviews prior to the actual one. Talview – Candidate App is offered by Talview. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 2.2.5

Talview is a convenient way for candidates to do their screening interview or test from the time and location of their choice. This is a free tool for candidates who are attending an online video assessment with any employer who is using Talview Video Interview Platform. If the prospective employer has invited you to attend the assessment or you have a QR code of a job from any advertisement by the employer you can download the app and enter/scan the code to complete your assessment.

Also if you are a job seeker looking to enhance your interview skills and looking for interview practice that will help in getting your dream job, then download Talview Video Interviewing App to gain a first hand experience with practice interviews before you head to give your actual video interviews!. You can use the practice interview functionality to prepare yourself and to make sure you are in the current trend of Job Hunting.

Important: This app supports two types of assessment

1. Asynchronous or Automated Video Interviews
2. Video Proctored Objective Test (Multiple Choice Questions)

If you are looking to do a Live Interview please download Talview Live. If you have been instructed by the prospective employer to write an essay or a code test, you need to use a laptop or desktop for the same.

Below are some of the tips that will help you to have a successful video interview

1. Prepare for the interview as you would for a traditional face to face one.

2. Make sure the your phone is fully charged and and you have taken a practice interview prior to attending the actual interview.

3. The position of the front camera is very important, make sure you are holding it parallel to your posture.

4. Good to have a neat background with no noise.

5. Do not keep any other application running on your phone that might interfere with the ongoing assessment.

6. Dress appropriately to look good on camera and have a good impression over the employer.

7. Be wary of your expressions while answering, since video interaction enables more focus on your body language.

8. Ensure that you have good signal and internet speed is optimum.

9. If you have slow connection it might take little longer for transition between answers and for final submission. Do not panic and close the app.

10. If the assessment gets disrupted and the app gets closed, you can resume the assessment by entering/scanning the code again.

For any further assistance with your job search please write to us at services@talview.com. For any queries regarding the application or for any technical support please contact us at support@talview.com.

What’s New

– Moved MCQ section answer submission to background, to provide smooth user experience while attending the MCQ section.

– Fixed MediaRecorder Issues on the latest Marshmellow devices.


Talview – Candidate App 2017

Talview – Candidate App APK

Download Talview – Candidate App

Download Talview – Candidate App APK

Talview – Candidate App for Android

Download Talview – Candidate App for Android

Download Talview – Candidate App APK for Android

Talview – Candidate App 2.2.5 screenshot

Talview - Candidate App screenshot 0Talview - Candidate App screenshot 1Talview - Candidate App screenshot 2Talview - Candidate App screenshot 3Talview - Candidate App screenshot 4

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