Sound Mode Tasker Plugin Latest Version APK for Android

Sound Mode Tasker Plugin apk
Sound Mode Tasker Plugin apk

A plugin for lollipop+ devices with real silent mode. Sound Mode Tasker Plugin is offered by Nick Nack Developments. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version: 5.0

This Tasker Plug-in has been made to support lollipop devices that sport a silent mode and devices on marshmallow. Tasker only has the option to set phones to normal or vibrate modes. With this plugin you can now toggle silent mode as well.

Sound Profiles: Often times when you are setting a sound mode, you are going to set more than just one, well now there is a solution!

Introducing Sound Profiles! Go into the sound profiles tab in the main app and setup an infinite amount of profiles. Then you can use the profiles action to select and activate one and boom in a single action your sound mode and volumes are set!

Lollipop devices with silent mode:
– Samsung Devices
– HTC Devices
– LG Devices
– Sony Devices

This plugin now also supports all devices on marshmallow!

Latest Updates

• Completely revamped app and fixed lots of bugs


• Added support for Android N settings link

• Attempted to fix saving issue with profiles

• Fixed adding button issues

• Fixed some theme issues


Sound Mode Tasker Plugin 2017

Download Sound Mode Tasker Plugin for Android

Download Sound Mode Tasker Plugin APK for Android

Sound Mode Tasker Plugin 5.0 screenshot

Sound Mode Tasker Plugin screenshot 0Sound Mode Tasker Plugin screenshot 1Sound Mode Tasker Plugin screenshot 2Sound Mode Tasker Plugin screenshot 3

Download apk file:

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