CloudHH – We got to take all actions cloud Trade in Real Time!


We got to take all actions cloud Trade in Real Time!

CloudHH screenshot 0CloudHH screenshot 1CloudHH screenshot 2CloudHH screenshot 3CloudHH screenshot 4CloudHH screenshot 5CloudHH screenshot 6CloudHH screenshot 7CloudHH screenshot 8CloudHH screenshot 9

Your hands touching the cloud!
CloudHH is the first Hand Held Mobile application based entirely On The Cloud. Join distinguished User interface technologies that break the boundaries of speed and transmission capacity, providing a real-time solution. CloudHH is the ultimate mobile application.

Application Business Sales Forces:

Order Management.
Servicing and Collection of Current Accounts
Skills Survey, Visiting Hours and All Critics information for your sales force.
Report Reason No auctions.
Vendor management through Geolocation.

Motivate your sales force!
Monitor performance in real time allows its employees to participate in a Sales Rank.

Manage Your Sales Force!
Through our application SmartPanel, have a scorecard for monitoring real-time salespeople, visualizing geo its Orders, Invoices, Receipts and Reasons for No Purchase.
SmartPanel, also allows the rapid display of sensitive objective decisions.

See more information and download apk file:


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