Calendar Status Latest Version APK for Android

Calendar Status apk
Calendar Status apk

Check Your Calendar at a Glance. Calendar Status is offered by Sagi Lowenhardt. Last Updated: December 04, 2016. Current Version:

Calendar status places your agenda on your notification drawer, providing easy and quick access to your agenda from any app and any screen.
You can customize almost each detail in the layout so it will perfectly fit your needs and style.

Calendar Status also support Google Tasks, providing you the easiest way of tracking your tasks and assignments.

Features included only in PRO version :
• Show more than 4 items on expanded layout.
• Select the status-bar icon (inc.option to remove the icon in Android 4.3 and up).
• Show calendar/event colored bullet and select its symbol.
• Show Today/Tomorrow instead of date.
• Select calendars to be shown.
• Select the notification click action (Open settings / Create new event / Open custom app).
• Make status bar icon to display the current day of the month.
• Set special style for today’s events.

“After using Calendar Status for a few days, I wonder why it didn’t exist all this time. The app puts your Android device’s Calendar into your notification drawer, and I can’t imagine how no one thought of doing this before. It’s the easiest way to check your calendar on Android.”

“Rather being your conventional calendar app which we’re no doubt quite familiar with, Calendar Status brings to the table something novel, yet practical. So what is it? It’s none other than your very own calendar in your notification bar.”

– Uninstall free version before installing PRO version
– ANY ISSUE – Please contact us at

What’s New

● ‘All Day’ events will be shown under each day

● Fixed Attendance dialog crash when no option selected

● German translation fixes (thanks to Cyrill)


Calendar Status 2017

Download Calendar Status for Android

Download Calendar Status APK for Android

Calendar Status screenshot

Calendar Status screenshot 0Calendar Status screenshot 1Calendar Status screenshot 2Calendar Status screenshot 3Calendar Status screenshot 4Calendar Status screenshot 5Calendar Status screenshot 6

Calendar Status apk video

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