AVON новые каталоги – Avon Cosmetics (Avon), perfumes, clothing, jewelery, make-up. Gifts & Beauty

AVON новые каталоги

Avon Cosmetics (Avon), perfumes, clothing, jewelery, make-up. Gifts & Beauty

AVON новые каталоги screenshot 0AVON новые каталоги screenshot 1AVON новые каталоги screenshot 2AVON новые каталоги screenshot 3AVON новые каталоги screenshot 4AVON новые каталоги screenshot 5AVON новые каталоги screenshot 6AVON новые каталоги screenshot 7AVON новые каталоги screenshot 8AVON новые каталоги screenshot 9AVON новые каталоги screenshot 10AVON новые каталоги screenshot 11AVON новые каталоги screenshot 12AVON новые каталоги screenshot 13AVON новые каталоги screenshot 14AVON новые каталоги screenshot 15AVON новые каталоги screenshot 16AVON новые каталоги screenshot 17AVON новые каталоги screenshot 18AVON новые каталоги screenshot 19AVON новые каталоги screenshot 20AVON новые каталоги screenshot 21AVON новые каталоги screenshot 22AVON новые каталоги screenshot 23

Avon – the world’s oldest cosmetics company. Beauty – so you can call the company one word. During its 130 year history, the brand has expanded its line of products. Today, Avon catalog there: perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, items for children, including a series of “Hello Kitty”, lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, shower gels. Avon has to offer and make-up premium: decorative “Luxe” series cosmetics, anti-aging creams series “Anew” for face, body care with the help of “Planet Spa” series. In October 2016 Avon began his collaboration with world-famous designer Takada Kenzo (Kenzo), issued by the paired perfume fragrances Avon Life male and female. In recent years, Avon catalogs you can find absolutely everything for make-up, a large selection of fashion and fashion accessories for young people and products for home and family – just over 1,000 new products every year.

Once registered, the company offers its representatives to purchase products at a discount of up to 40% of the catalog price. But the most ambitious representatives build a career in Avon company and become coordinators to obtain financial independence and the opportunity to take a bonus of 125,000 rubles for the first year of cooperation.

Since the founding of the company and to this day we are working in order to make a woman beautiful. At Avon, we understand beauty much more than just appearance. The true beauty of a woman – in its ability to share positive energy with family and make the world a better day after day. After all, when a woman looks and feels beautiful, it becomes brighter and more confident, and it acts more noticeable. Avon allows every woman to do what he likes and be financially secure, and also takes care of its present and secure a healthy future. Avon – is more than beauty.

This application offers customers and representatives to meet with the new directories. Also you will find a detailed description of the promotion programs for the Representative and Coordinator of Avon. Through the app, you can register and buy the company’s products at a discount of up to 40%, build your own business in a company with 130 years of history. Any Representative Avon can send your order through our app. Already available for download the first catalog of the next year – №1 2017

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/oc79xr


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