People ToDo – task organizer Latest Version APK for Android

download People ToDo - task organizer apk
download People ToDo – task organizer apk

A complete personal organizer/todo list app for the phone-heavy user. People ToDo – task organizer is offered by PplToDo. Last Updated: December 03, 2016. Current Version: 2.1

A simple personal organizer that helps manage daily tasks / todo items. Harness the power of your phone’s contacts through an instant CRM. Organize tasks by labeling them through a person centered approach. Switch from a task to a Contacts profile, to a Calendar event in a single app. Simple, easy, no stress. No external databases, the data is stored safely on your phone. No setup required, it works instantly. Especially useful for those on the go and heavy phone users.

Such as:

small business owners
sales reps
Real estate agents
travelling salespeople
Club organizers (dance, martial arts, church… anything with groups of students/members).


Anyone who deals with clients or groups of people, such as class and group instructors. Also great for individuals. An instant CRM is finally here for the small business and anyone can use it!

Uses your existing default Contacts and Calendar app, any phone is fine, as it integrates with your default apps.

Need to create a new contact? No problem, add it as you always do through your existing Contacts, and now it can be used instantly in the app.

When you complete a task, the app can create an sms to let the contact know too!
No more constant nagging, “have you done it yet?”

It does not currently allocate tasks to other people nor offer collaboration. But Tasks can be shared via email or sms. If you would like a collaboration feature, write to us and tell us. We look forward to valuable feedback.

A single place to access all of your Tasks, your Calendar and all your Contacts. – “The one must-have app for 2016! Finally a personal organizer for People. It uses your existing contacts and existing calendar….. We love it! 5/5. “

+All data stored safely on your local device only.
+Dynamically uses existing Contacts data and Calendar (i.e. Google or Microsoft)
+Works alongside any organization system or independently
+Send tasks straight to your calendar (e.g. Buy b’day present for adrian -> calendar -> set date/time -> edit event name. Now its stored in your default calendar)
+Instantly see what needs doing and who it involves
+A person centered approach to personal organization
+Set the priority of tasks into any order (drag and drop)
+Optionally include pictures or long notes with Tasks
+Set alarm reminders
+Create calendar event from a task
+Notify contact instantly when task is completed
+Organize Tasks, calendar and contacts from one simple app
+Save time by having a central complete organizer
+Replaces paper diaries and sticky notes.
+Declutter your brain and reduce information overload.
+Filter information from your web browser or email into a new task (using Share Via feature)
+Fast, no unnecessary input required

Set quality to HD on youtube links.

Features overview

Explainer video

Full tutorial, its easy to use!

No ads. No popups. Free for a limited time only to Android users. Now supports over 12000 different android devices, including Nexus, Galaxy series, and more.

The SMS security permission request will only create new message it will never ever send a message by itself.

Latest Updates

Starred tasks show on main page.

Menu button to Add new Contact.

Major update to User interface for easier task management and completion.

Longer notes support and navigation

Labelling tasks with Contact much easier

email: for feedback or help


People ToDo – task organizer 2017

Download People ToDo – task organizer for Android

Download People ToDo – task organizer APK for Android

People ToDo – task organizer 2.1 screenshot

People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 0People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 1People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 2People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 3People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 4People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 5People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 6People ToDo - task organizer screenshot 7

See more information and download apk file for android:

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