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Password Manager

Simple Password Manager

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This version adds a new option – to keep and restore your content to/from Google Drive.
This option is intended for periodic backup in case of the system reinstallation, the application uninstallation and any other occasion when you need to recover your passwords.
Important – when you need to restore your passwords, be aware: all the information stored in the “Password Manager” database on your mobile device will be deleted and replaced with a database from Google Drive.
Also in this version encryption was improved an option “Change Password” was added.

This app is a simple passwords manager.
It allows you to save the information in a safe and an encrypted way on your mobile device.
The unique feature of the application is that even if you type the master password incorrectly, you will be able to log in to the app, but in such a case all the data will remain encrypted.
This feature makes the app more secure from hacking.
The indication of the wrong master password is the red background of the the app.
You can use the password generator to create a new or update an existing password.
You can choose the strength of the password in the settings of the app.
For safety reasons the master password is not stored anywhere , thus there is no way to restore it. PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE IT!!!

SECURE: Strong Encryption 256-bit AES plus salt.

Please, if there are problems with the application – tell us what is wrong so we can fix it. Do not vote with one star and no comment, thank you!

Email us at and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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