Mutabaah Latest Version APK for Android

download Mutabaah apk
download Mutabaah apk

Mutabaah (Ibada Evaluation). Mutabaah is offered by Efone Mobile. Last Updated: December 03, 2016. Current Version:

Mutabaah (Ibada Evaluation) is self-evaluation about All Ibadah Activities to Allah SWT.

Main Features :

• Write Daily Activities with Custom Point
• Graphic (daily, monthly, yearly)
• Statistics
• Count Daily Precentages
• Reminder
• Password Protection
• 3 Color Indicator : Green (Good), Yellow (Enough), Red (Bad)
• Send to Mail
• Send to Murobbi (Teacher).
• Cloud Storage (Google Drive) and Local Storage (SD Card)

Suggestions or Bug Report :

Latest Updates


– Some fixes and improvements


Mutabaah 2017

Download Mutabaah APK

Mutabaah for Android

Download Mutabaah for Android

Download Mutabaah APK for Android

Mutabaah screenshot

Mutabaah screenshot 0Mutabaah screenshot 1Mutabaah screenshot 2Mutabaah screenshot 3Mutabaah screenshot 4Mutabaah screenshot 5Mutabaah screenshot 6Mutabaah screenshot 7

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