Dear Diary Latest Version APK for Android

download Dear Diary apk
download Dear Diary apk

Dear Diary – The simplest, most elegant diary app out there… Dear Diary is offered by The Sup Corporation. Last Updated: December 03, 2016. Current Version: 1.2.1

Dear Diary is a diary keeping app that focuses on simplicity and content, rather than clutter and features. We strongly believe that an app that is simple to use and comes with few useful features, is better than one that comes with a thousand features that you have to dig through to find the ones you need.

But anyhow, here’s what you get:

Password protection – Your virtual diary is password protected so that no one else can access your private diary entries. Yes, we know what they mean to you. If you forget your password, we’ll send an email to the email address you provide to remind you your password. Oh, and did we mention, giving us you email is totally optional.

Simple search – There are no thousands of sort and filter options, just one awesome search feature to cover all your entries.

Read aloud – The app will read your entry aloud. Why? Well.. Just for fun!

On the fly tips – There is no help section in this app, because tips show up below the screen as you need them. Don’t like them? Turn them off from the settings!

Let’s be honest… The app doesn’t export your data or sync to cloud, but for a good reason – the information in your entries is private, meant to be stored on your device for you. The stuff you post is only for you and not for keeping records by exporting, or for sharing with others. We think of a diary as a temple for your mind to share your ideas; a place for you to keep your ideas.

And most importantly, beautiful design. Dear Diary is an app so beautiful and elegant, you won’t feel like putting it down.

Latest Updates

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Dear Diary 2017

Dear Diary 1.2.1 screenshot

Dear Diary screenshot 0Dear Diary screenshot 1Dear Diary screenshot 2Dear Diary screenshot 3

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