Bringme – Bringme is a service network connected to a web of smart boxes.


Bringme is a service network connected to a web of smart boxes.

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The Bringme App is a service driven network, connected to smart Bringme Boxes, that ensures your online purchases and (local) shopping can be delivered and collected at your work, while you work. Or at home. While you’re not there.
Suppliers, services, couriers, they can all access your Bringme Box. Let the whole world deliver for you. You’ll gain time. A lot of time.
Because the box does everything in your stead. He collects packages for you, signs receipts electronically and can even return packages. As soon as something is delivered or collected you will get a real time notification in the Bringme App, because it’s directly connected to a Bringme Box. At your place of work, for example, or at home. Your app will send you a unique access code as a key to your Bringme Box.

No Bringme Box near you yet? Keep on eye on the app, because new Bringme Boxes are activated every week.


See more information and download apk file:


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