To Do Assistant Latest Version APK for Android

download To Do Assistant apk
download To Do Assistant apk

To Do Assistant is a functions enriched, useful reminder/action application. To Do Assistant is offered by techlifevision. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 4.7.0

It is a versatile reminder alert and action application

Main Features:
1. Set reminder to Make a Call, Send an SMS or To Do Something etc.
2. Set reminder alert/action for a specific date and time
3. Set reminder alert/action for a specific location
4. Set reminder alert/action on remote device (via SMS), assuming this app is also installed on remote device

Reminder Alert Type:
there are currently following types of alerts/actions available

1. Text alert/alarm
set a simple alert to remind something. save text, image or/and voice as reminder (Note: Currently Image/Voice
is not available for remote reminders)

2. Call alert/action
set a call alert (to make a call to someone). At specific time/location, an alert will inform first then open default dialer to call or make a call to that number directly using default dialer. A text, image or/and voice can be saved as reminder.

3. SMS alert/action
set and act an SMS alert same as call alert/action

4. Skype Text, Voice & Video Calling
Set Skype calling & text same as call alert/action

Reminder Scope:

Alerts/Reminders can be set as one time, daily, specific days (from Sunday to Saturday), Till Date.


An widget screen to show upcoming reminder (time based)

well equipped preferences

efficient (smart) use of GPS for location reminders to save battery

user control alarm time, snooze time. run time decisions of snoozing alarm for text alerts/reminders.

password protected with auto login option

reminder images are shown at alert screen

call recording option for scheduled call (require external storage either SD card or Device mounted)

permission management for remote scheduling

Interchangeable Text, SMS and Call reminders

Reminder list of previous, yesterday, today, today upcoming, tomorrow and upcoming alerts

Editable time-based reminders/alert

Different audio files/ringtones for each of the Low, Medium and High priority reminders.

Define and select ‘Quick Text’ for reminder details/message

Silent Hours; A time slot for which any scheduled alarm will not ring, optionally exclude high priority reminders, weekends. optionally set vibration and stop making auto calls as well

no need to register anywhere

and much more…


1. We do not take any data for any purpose including password. So kindly use easy to remember password. One may use auto login option in preferences to avoid password hazard. Be remember if a sim card is changed and this application is run by user then auto login option will not work and you need password to verify once

2. This app displays google ads handled by google itself. But we care our users. Ads are not of full screen. They appears on few interfaces with minimum possible space at locations that do not bother a user

What’s New

Version 4.7.0

1. Simple alarm is available, user only need to set date and time/location to activate alarm alert. An option to save image/audio and set priority of alarm in preferences.

2. User can adjust date/time using counter i.e. by selecting days, hours and/or minutes from current to onward.

3. Bug Fixes

Version 4.6.0

1. Now user can set weekend/rest days

2. Calendar view of days for which reminders are set, delete/skip reminders for any particular date


To Do Assistant 2017

Download To Do Assistant APK

To Do Assistant for Android

Download To Do Assistant for Android

Download To Do Assistant APK for Android

To Do Assistant 4.7.0 screenshot

To Do Assistant screenshot 0To Do Assistant screenshot 1To Do Assistant screenshot 2To Do Assistant screenshot 3To Do Assistant screenshot 4To Do Assistant screenshot 5To Do Assistant screenshot 6To Do Assistant screenshot 7

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