Thirty – Get Inspired Latest Version APK for Android

Thirty - Get Inspired download
Thirty – Get Inspired download

Create a new Habit with the power of a Social Network and Friends in 30 Days!. Thirty – Get Inspired is offered by 2Minds Dev. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: Android

Stop and think what have you done different in your life on the last Thirty days and what you have planned to do for the next Thirty days… Start challenging yourself to break you habits with your friend.

With thirty you will challenge yourself to try a lot of new thing that can make you have fun with your friend, break some bad habits or create new good habits and the best part it that your friends will help you to achieve this.

Thirty is a social experience built from the ground up with one clear goal: keep you motivated to achieve new things, break bad habit or create a new habit.

On a unique social way, Thirty will help you to create 30 days challenges (30’s) and track the entire process, on a daily basis, by:
• Telling about your mood;
• Telling if the day was done or not;
• Taking a photo to show your friends what you have done that day
• Recording a short video to show them how you challenge was done

Thirty will reward you with a sharable video containing all your short video clips together so you get the whole experience when the 30 Challenge is completed. You will know not only the result but also the process of getting to it. Help your friends – by following, commenting, posting videos and photos – to achieve theirs dreams!

Start a competition with them and see who can get more dreams done and earn badges for it.

If you need a help to create a habit, call your friends to thirti 30

What’s New

– new login screen

– New way to find friends to follow

– bug fixes


Thirty – Get Inspired 2017

Download Thirty – Get Inspired APK

Thirty – Get Inspired for Android

Download Thirty – Get Inspired for Android

Download Thirty – Get Inspired APK for Android

Thirty – Get Inspired Android screenshot

Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 0Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 1Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 2Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 3Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 4Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 5Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 6Thirty - Get Inspired screenshot 7

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:

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