Tekla Field3D Latest Version APK for Android

Tekla Field3D apk
Tekla Field3D apk

Tekla Field3D – the easy-to-use IFC / BIM 3D-viewer. Tekla Field3D is offered by Trimble Solutions Corporation. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.6.12

Tekla Field3D – the easy-to-use IFC / BIM 3D-viewer. Not only does it open very large models* (2 GB++), it also has many useful and easy functions to view and extract 3D model information. It works fluently on both phone and tablet.

Tekla Field3D is a high-performance 3D viewer for Building Information Models (BIM). It supports a new way of working with AEC models in the building lifecycle, from design to demolition. With Tekla Field3D even stakeholders without a desktop BIM software can combine and view 3D models. Using standard touch features you can pan, zoom, and rotate models easily.

It is the only IFC viewer for mobile devices that allows you to view and share 3D models anywhere, on the go. Or you can plug your mobile device into a projector to display your models to a larger audience in meetings.

Free version features
• View 3D models in multiple formats: .ifc, .ifczip (not XML), .3ds, .obj
• Very large models load in mere seconds, tested to more than 2 GB
• Zoom, pan and rotate 3D models
• Object Outlines and dynamic Shadows to better visualize model geometry and depth
• Open files from email, file-share or web
• Sample files included and more can be downloaded
• Orthogonal view of 3D models – as an alternative to Perspective view
• Imperial units display option for Property values (feet &inches)

For more information, visit:
read the manual at
*For more performance, features, and file formats contact mobile@teklabimsight.com

What’s New

Bug fixes and improvements


Tekla Field3D 2017

Download Tekla Field3D

Download Tekla Field3D APK

Tekla Field3D for Android

Download Tekla Field3D for Android

Download Tekla Field3D APK for Android

Tekla Field3D 1.6.12 screenshot

Tekla Field3D screenshot 0Tekla Field3D screenshot 1Tekla Field3D screenshot 2Tekla Field3D screenshot 3Tekla Field3D screenshot 4Tekla Field3D screenshot 5Tekla Field3D screenshot 6Tekla Field3D screenshot 7Tekla Field3D screenshot 8

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