SL Calendar 2017 – A calender app for Sri Lankans.

SL Calendar 2017

A calender app for Sri Lankans.

SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 0SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 1SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 2SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 3SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 4SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 5SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 6SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 7SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 8SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 9SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 10SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 11SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 12SL Calendar 2017 screenshot 13

SL Calendar is a simple and completely free calendar application for Sri Lankan Android users. It will give you information about Sri Lankan holidays, local and international special days and auspicious time information for Sinhala/Tamil new year (Avurudu Nakath).

Key Features:
● Android Wear support
● Available in both Sinhala and English
● Smooth and easy swipe navigation
● Sri Lankan holiday details of past years
● Sinhala/Tamil new year customs
● Month widget for Home screen
● Local and international special days
● No Ads

Usage (Handheld):
● Swipe left/right to move between months
● Swipe up/down to change year

Usage (Wear):
● Tap on year to change current year
● Tap on month to change current month
● Long press calendar to change language

If you found any bugs or if you want to make a suggestion please feel free to contact me on

* If you having issues after update please uninstall then install new version.

* Home screen widget might not work if you move app to SD card. This is an Android limitation.

INTERNET – Bug tracking
READ_CALENDAR – Read calendar events

See more information and download apk file:


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