Quick Wallet Latest Version APK for Android

Quick Wallet apk
Quick Wallet apk

Tired of keeping track of who owes you what money. Be troubled no more. Quick Wallet is offered by rOhanx96. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 8.2

You lent someone money but you forgot to take it back or you borrowed money from someone and need a reminder to pay him back. These scenarios are very common and keeping track of such transactions can be very troublesome. This is where Quick Wallet comes to your rescue. Quick Wallet helps you keep a history of all your transactions with people and notify you of pending balance with people. You can easily add transactions and view them. With a swipe you can clear balances and add a transaction in few clicks.

– Beautiful UI and design
– Keep record of money lent or borrowed
– Quickly add transactions and view history
– Keep track of daily expenses and income
– PIN protection to lock the app
– and much more

There is also an option for creating a persistent notification through which you can directly add transactions from any application without having to leave the application in which you are currently working.
Quick Wallet also has a My Wallet section where you can log all your expenses and income and get information about your daily income and expenses.
The application also has a built-in PIN protection system to lock the application. When enabled a 4 digit PIN is required to enter the application.

For any queries and feedback you can write an email to rohanx96@gmail.com

Read Contacts Permission explanation :
The read contact permission is required to provide you with results from your contacts when adding transactions and to display the contact’s name and image. No further details from the contacts are read or used and the application will not share your contacts’ information in no way whatsoever.

Certain images and arts used in the application are created by authors at Freepick. Visit the site here freepik.com

What’s New

Version 8.2

– Added support for tablets

Version 8

– Backup/Restore: Now you can backup application data to external storage and restore later

– Fix in-app search not working correctly


Quick Wallet 2017

Download Quick Wallet for Android

Download Quick Wallet APK for Android

Quick Wallet 8.2 screenshot

Quick Wallet screenshot 0Quick Wallet screenshot 1Quick Wallet screenshot 2Quick Wallet screenshot 3Quick Wallet screenshot 4

Android Productivity Apps download https://goo.gl/gow64A


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