Lootjes Trekken Latest Version APK for Android

Lootjes Trekken download
Lootjes Trekken download

It's that time of year, time to draw lots!. Lootjes Trekken is offered by Pixplicity. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.1.1

Give us all lottery tickets,
We do them in a hat
We shake them carefully,
Will definitely know good

No one has its own,
And no one gets lost him
If you have for your surprise
A little extra time!

    ~ Rhyme Piet Section apps

Do you think now sometimes: you write down plummets, everyone gets one and that the last person herself and you all again should again for the sixth time? Yes? Old-fashioned!

Real smart guys just use the Draw lots app. Then you need to enter once and everyone gets an email. Really easy because nobody itself and no one can lose his lottery ticket. Not just for when you make surprises with Santa Claus, but of course if you ‘Secret Santa’ do with Christmas!

So hup hup, download the app and pull lottery tickets! Then stick more time to make your surprise.

“There must be easier thought Pulling the makers of lots.” ~ AndroidWorld.nl

How does it work?

For every person who participates tap your name and email address. The app shakes them and send everyone an email with the name of the person for whom to buy gifts. Fast and convenient, because only one person needs the app to install and use. No matter if your friends have an iPhone or not be with you in the neighborhood!

made a typo? Press and hold a name and you can edit the name and address. Have fun and have a nice Christmas Eve!

Latest Updates

Serverpiet was er weer:

“Dit gaan we aanpakken!

Hand uit de mouwen en

Laten we gaan!

Upgrade die server voor


Hopelijk komen de

Mailtjes nu aan!”


Lootjes Trekken 2017

Download Lootjes Trekken APK for Android

Lootjes Trekken 1.1.1 screenshot

Lootjes Trekken screenshot 0Lootjes Trekken screenshot 1Lootjes Trekken screenshot 2Lootjes Trekken screenshot 3Lootjes Trekken screenshot 4

Lootjes Trekken apk video

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