KeepTrack Latest Version APK for Android

download KeepTrack apk
download KeepTrack apk

Achieve your goals by tracking and monitoring various details of your life!. KeepTrack is offered by Zagalaga. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 5.3.10

Many aspects of our lives can be quantified into parameters, our weight, medicine intake and sport activities among others. Tracking such parameters can be key to awareness, improvement over time and reaching your goals. This is why we have created KeepTrack, KeepTrack allows you to log values over time and then view them in a multitude of graphs, statistics and aggregations.

*** Product highlights ***

– Define your own parameters, choose from a variety of data types: numbers, time durations, yes/no, sets of fixed values and more.
– Beautiful and intuitive, using the new material design language.
KeepTrack Dashboard lets you view your current state from one screen.
– Never miss a log entry with KeepTrack’s reminders.
– Analyze your data via line graphs, pie charts, calendar view, statistics and more.
– Define your goals for each parameter. (*)
– Easily aggregate log entries for viewing daily/weekly/monthly data.
– Cloud storage keeps your data safe and synchronized among all your devices. (*)
– Share your parameters with other users. (*)
– Add widgets to your home screen for quick access and info. (*)
– Backup, restore and export your data.

(*) Requires in-app purchase

What’s New

Version 5.3.9

– Adding option to hide card display for all trackers

– Cloud storage performance improvements

Version 5.3.8

– Updated Spanish

– Fixed backup issues, had to add permission for some file managers 😦

– Various bug fixes

Version 5.3

– New options for trackers display on the main screen, pick the type of value to be displayed or choose a graph.

– Select tracker colors and sort by them.

– Bug fixes


KeepTrack 2017

Download KeepTrack APK

KeepTrack for Android

Download KeepTrack for Android

Download KeepTrack APK for Android

KeepTrack 5.3.10 screenshot

KeepTrack screenshot 0KeepTrack screenshot 1KeepTrack screenshot 2KeepTrack screenshot 3KeepTrack screenshot 4

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