FlyLogio – Pilot Logbook – Pilot Logbook and Aircraft Management System.

FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook

Pilot Logbook and Aircraft Management System.

FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 0FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 1FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 2FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 3FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 4FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 5FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 6FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 7FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 8FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 9FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 10FlyLogio - Pilot Logbook screenshot 11

Mobile app for
Pilot Logbook and Aircraft Management System for pilots, aircraft operators, aeroclubs, flight schools, small airlines or individual aircraft owners.

Online data about all your flights
All your flight history. You can filter your flights by date range, aircraft or people you are flying with. Your data are still up-to-date across all your devices. No synchronisation required.

EASA/FAA exports
Approaching the time of examination? With FlyLogio just click on Export section and print your flight data in EASA or FAA approved format. Clear, readable logbook. No more worry about your paper logbook damage.

Licences tracking
You can track your pilot licences and qualifications. FlyLogio notify you about upcoming expiration in right time.

Sync from company data
If your company or aeroclub is managed by FlyLogio, you can easily copy the flight records to your logbook.

Secure cloud storage
All your flights and data are stored in ISO 27001 secure cloud in Google datacenter and accessed by SSL encrypted connections only.

Visit and create your account to start using this app.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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