ClearRecord Lite – Noise Free Latest Version APK for Android

ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free apk
ClearRecord Lite – Noise Free apk

Noise free voice recorder. ClearRecord Lite – Noise Free is offered by Ittiam Systems Pvt Ltd. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 2.2.2

ClearRecord – The ultimate voice recording App for your Android phone.
ClearRecord brings the unique feature of Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR), which allows user to record conversations in any harsh noisy environments like street, train, classroom or an airplane while still maintaining clear voice. ClearRecord also features the ability to control play-speed without modifying pitch quality. All the voice and audio recordings can be effectively stored either .wav or .aac formats. These unique features, combined with the ability to record in background, make ClearRecord a must have App for voice and audio recording.

In addition to unique noise reduction feature, ClearRecord supports voice notes features like voice tagging, editing and photo insertion, which help us remember the context of the discussion/recordings. With all these features supported makes ClearRecord the must have voice recorder App for students, journalists, transcribers, lawyers, doctors, educationalists and many more.

With already 1 million users ClearRecord establishes itself at the next must have app on the list, for both iOS and Android users.

ClearRecord Lite supports:
– ANR* to produce noise-free voice recordings in harsh noisy environments
– Editing feature*** to cut/trim recorded audio
– Auto resume recording when interrupted by a phone call
– Sampling frequency of 16 kHz for voice recording and 48 kHz for HD recording using presets
– Categorize** recordings and flag as favourite for easy access to important recordings
– Click images**, insert tags** and write notes to easily recollect the context of the recording
– Share recordings via Dropbox, e-mail and Wi-Fi
– One tap quick record feature
– Simple and intuitive UI
– WAV and AAC format

Limitations in Lite version:
* ANR is enabled only for first 5 minutes in each recording.
** Features are limited to 1 image, 5 tags and 5 categories
*** Edited audio cannot be saved in Lite version

For additional features please upgrade to ClearRecord Pro version. ClearRecord Pro supports:
– Save and share edited file
– Unrestricted ANR during recording
– Unlimited images, tags and upto 100 categories for recordings
– Supports finer play speeds of 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x or 1.5x without modifying pitch quality
– Repeat/Loop mode – Continuous playback of a portion of a track

What’s New

Version 2.2

– Background audio playback for android

– Feature to share or delete multiple recordings at one go

– Improvement in performance and UI enhancements

Version 2.0

– Completely revamped UI

– Editing features like cut and trim

– Categorization and favorites that allows users to organize their audio recordings

– Tags to mark important sections in a recording

– Images and notes to add context to audio recordings

– Search through recording


ClearRecord Lite – Noise Free 2017

ClearRecord Lite – Noise Free 2.2.2 screenshot

ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 0ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 1ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 2ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 3ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 4ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 5ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 6ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 7ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 8ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 9ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 10ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 11ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 12ClearRecord Lite - Noise Free screenshot 13

Detail information:

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