Beauty Center Management Latest Version APK for Android

Beauty Center Management apk
Beauty Center Management apk

Manage your beauty center with a method fast and functional. Beauty Center Management is offered by LPE Droid. Last Updated: December 02, 2016. Current Version: 1.8

You have a business and would like to better organize the work? Handle all the customers in a simple and functional?
Need to have less paper but write expenses, treatments and customer information?
This management is the new app dedicated to wellness and beauty centers, solarium or other similar exercises that require the management of appointments, customers, offers and control of stock movements and receipts.
Designed specifically for Android mobile devices, it allows you to have a few simple touches a complete view of your business.
Maximize your work and minimizes the costs and stress management, with this application you’ll have everything you need on your smartphone or tablet.
The features are always under development by creating useful tools to better manage the activities and assist them in the workplace.
We will ensure support to our customers and welcome new ideas for the future.

Available in Italian and English

The functionality of this app are:
– Customer management
– Customer search
– List of threatments made for each customer
– Calendar for appointments
– Customer tabs
– Morphological tabs
– Customers notes
– Memorandum
– Address Book
– Treatments
– Promotions
– Packages
– Products and warehouse
– Suppliers
– Bills
– Earnings
– Employees
– Shifts
– Notifications on customers and term
– Coupon lists
– Statistics
– Data Backup
– Store Data

(*) The sending of SMS and calls are available on devices with phone card (SIM), the cost of sending and ringing are the ones charged by your service or tariff plan manager.
(*) The application requires an internet connection for the purchase of the license check.

What’s New


– New section employees

– New section shifts

– New section bills

– New section earnings

– Added new statistics

– Add multiple treatments in packages

– Add fields Bank and IBAN in suppliers

– Bug fix and various graphical improvements


– New section suppliers

– New section note

– New section memorandum

– Add field note in customer details

– Add field term in promotions/packages

– Notifications on term of promotions/packages/memorandum

– Added new statistics


Beauty Center Management 2017

Download Beauty Center Management APK for Android

Beauty Center Management 1.8 screenshot

Beauty Center Management screenshot 0Beauty Center Management screenshot 1Beauty Center Management screenshot 2Beauty Center Management screenshot 3Beauty Center Management screenshot 4Beauty Center Management screenshot 5Beauty Center Management screenshot 6Beauty Center Management screenshot 7Beauty Center Management screenshot 8Beauty Center Management screenshot 9Beauty Center Management screenshot 10Beauty Center Management screenshot 11Beauty Center Management screenshot 12Beauty Center Management screenshot 13Beauty Center Management screenshot 14Beauty Center Management screenshot 15Beauty Center Management screenshot 16

Beauty Center Management apk video

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