AllNepali – News,Directory,Books,Videos,Weather,Map,Blogs,Audio Books and many more !


News,Directory,Books,Videos,Weather,Map,Blogs,Audio Books and many more !

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AllNepali is loaded with varieties of attractive contents which are very useful especially for Nepalese users. This app may be beneficial for all who want to be in touch with Nepal and Nepalese.

Main features of AllNepali

1) Read news from many popular news portal of Nepal ( Annapurna Post, BBC Nepali,Ekantipur,Gorkhapatra,Image Khabar,Karobar Business Daily,Nagarik News, Naya Patrika,Online Khabar, Ujyaalo Online etc..)
2) You can download “Must to read” books and read offline (as easy as reading a real book) without leaving the app.
3) Read and access top blogs of Nepal
4) Nepali Entertainment Sites
5) Nepali Payment gateway and E-commerce Sites
6) Nepali Educational Sites
7) Nepali Job Sites
8) Nepali Government Sites
9) International News
10) Nepali Media Sites
11) Travel and Tourism Sites

Online Radios and Audio Books

You can listen many popular online radio programs and audio books on native audio player. You may download the programs and listen them offline. You can listen radio programs and audio books on background too. Programs are accessible through the notification panel too.

Weather and Maps

1) Detailed weather info of many cities of Nepal
2) Picture of the cities
3) Brief info about the cities
4) Map info of cities

Top Nepali Videos
1) Categorized classifications of Videos
2) Easy navigation
3) Updating regularly
4) Attractive UI

More tools
1) Scan and PDF ( This app will turned your smartphone into scanner. You may scan any documents,arrange them,make PDF and share the PDF wherever you want)
2) BMI Calculator ( Useful calculator which helps you to know your body mass index)
3) Scientific Calculator
4) Calorie Calculator
5) Goal Tracker
6) Digital Signature ( You can make and share digital version of your signature directly from this app.
7) Online Nepali Audio Books
8) Nepali Calendar (with upcoming events etc)
9) Date converter
10) Nepali Rupee Exchange Rates and Converter
11) My Notes ( Note database with add,edit,remove features )
12) Easy search features
13) In-app browser for Google and Facebook
14) And many more

More cool features of AllNepali
1) Attractive UI
2) Easy Navigation tabs and modern menus
3) App can be installed on SD Card
4) 1 click sync ( App resources can be sync instantly.No need of app update regularly )
5) Push notifications and announcements
6) And many more

Please give it a try. Your any type of comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for using this app.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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