uGI1 Config Latest Version APK for Android

uGI1 Config apk
uGI1 Config apk

Config software for Mobiltex corTalk® uGI1 Micro GPS-enabled Interrupter 1. uGI1 Config is offered by Mobiltex Data Ltd.. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version: 1.0.22

*** Requires a corTalk® uGI1 (v1.02 or higher) to use. ***
Contact us at ‘’ to purchase.

This app is for configuring the uGI1 (Micro GPS-enabled Interrupter 1). The uGI1 is used to monitor and control a cathodic protection rectifier by switching a relay at precisely scheduled intervals. This app allows access to basic information on the uGI1 and allows setting up 10 different profiles to meet the customer’s needs. Note that logs, due to their size, can only be extracted from the uGI1 using the PC configuration application through the USB port.

The app has two tabs, a ‘Settings’ tab and ‘Profiles’ tab. The ‘Settings’ tab allows for seeing a detailed status of the device, any recent faults that have arisen, manually setting the Real Time Clock (RTC), setting the unit’s name, adding notes and rebooting the device. The ‘Profiles’ tab allows for the custom configuration of up to 10 independent profiles. It can read/write them from/to the unit and set their values. In addition, the profiles can be reset to their default values.

The uGI1 must initially be put in Bluetooth pairing mode and a pairing code entered on the app. The pairing code (default=123456) can be found and changed with the PC configuration application. Once paired, the Android device can reconnect without needing to re-enter the code or put the uGI1 back into pairing mode.

Firmware version 1.02 or higher is required on the uGI1 for this application to work properly. If your uGI1 does not contain the required firmware, please download the update package from the Mobiltex support site. Firmware updates must be performed through the USB port with the uGI1 attached to a PC.

Latest Updates

– update uGI1 firmware over ble

– support for the uGI1s added


uGI1 Config 2017

Download uGI1 Config APK

uGI1 Config for Android

Download uGI1 Config for Android

Download uGI1 Config APK for Android

uGI1 Config 1.0.22 screenshot

uGI1 Config screenshot 0uGI1 Config screenshot 1uGI1 Config screenshot 2uGI1 Config screenshot 3uGI1 Config screenshot 4uGI1 Config screenshot 5uGI1 Config screenshot 6uGI1 Config screenshot 7uGI1 Config screenshot 8uGI1 Config screenshot 9uGI1 Config screenshot 10uGI1 Config screenshot 11uGI1 Config screenshot 12

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