InstaAudit Latest Version APK for Android

InstaAudit apk
InstaAudit apk

Create your mobile safety audits with InstaAudit. InstaAudit is offered by InstaAudit Ltd. Last Updated: December 01, 2016. Current Version: 1.7.1

InstaAudit digitizes companies HSQE processes and through visual analytics provides complete transparency to current safety level, what action items has been done or undone and what are the most common safety risks. Companies can also collect positive and best practise observations, which can then be communicated throughout the organization.

Companies can use their existing smartphones and tablets to improve their workplace safety by conducting safety walks, safety checklist, near-miss reports and risk assessments on-site.

All assigned actions items have automatic follow-ups to guarantee that corrective actions are promptly taken. In order to improve productivity, reports are also generated automatically. This in turn enables working hours to be used in more productive tasks.

InstaAudit has been build from the ground up to be integratable with existing IT systems and customizable. Integration with existing IT-systems guarantees fluid user experience and customization enables companies to tailor InstaAudit to their specific needs and processes.

Latest Updates

Better Todo Component


InstaAudit 2017

InstaAudit APK

Download InstaAudit

Download InstaAudit APK

InstaAudit for Android

Download InstaAudit for Android

Download InstaAudit APK for Android

InstaAudit 1.7.1 screenshot

InstaAudit screenshot 0InstaAudit screenshot 1

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